How To Activate UBA Bank USSD Code In Nigeria

How To Activate UBA Bank USSD Code In Nigeria, Activating UBA Transfer Code

To activate UBA Bank ussd code has been a challenge to many Nigerians and other Africans using UBA. 

Worry less as we are going to give you a guide on how to do it.

How Can I Get My Uba Bank Transfer Code In Nigeria

This is a code you dial using your cellphone to be able to get the banking services. 

One can get the code by dialing *919# and press on the send button on your phone. 

You can also access it through the USSD code, but this only happens after registering it.

Requirements For The Mobile Banking Account

Here are the things you need to the UBA USSD transfer code activation:

  • UBA bank account
  • UBA debit card
  • UBA prepaid card
  • Active phone number

This is the essential things you need to register and activate UBA banking in Nigeria.

How To Activate Uba Nigeria Ussd Code Transactions

Follow these steps, and you will successfully activate the UBA bank USSD code in Nigeria:

1. Dial *919# to start the activation.

2. You will receive a welcome message on your screen.

3. Select option 1 to sign up for the UBA USSD code.

4. You’ll have two options, select on prepaid with a pin if you are UBA prepaid subscriber.

5. If you are not a prepaid subscriber, then select the account with a pin.

6. Enter the ten digits of your UBA bank Nigeria account.

7. Give the last four digits of your UBA bank debit card.

8. If you have a referral ID, then enter to proceed.

9. For it to be active, enter your pin for the mobile banking service.

10. Then finally confirm the pin for the transfer code.

Contact Customer Care If The Activation Is Unsuccessful

If you are having challenges when activating the UBA bank Nigeria, contact customer cares. 

On contacting customer care, one gets assistance on activating, and you will start your transactions immediately. 

Customer care numbers are, +234 7002255822 or +234 12808822.

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