How To Activate Polaris Bank USSD Transfer Code

How To Activate Polaris Bank USSD Transfer Code

Here are the answers for those asking how to activate Polaris Bank USSD Transfer Code in Nigeria.

You need first to activate a USSD transfer code to function normally.

Every bank in Nigeria and the world has a USSD transfer code that is more convenient and easier to use without many expenses.

Rather than queuing at the bank branch for petty transactions, you can use the bank’s USSD code to make transactions.

The Polaris Bank smart code is *833#.

What You Need To Know

The USSD Code allows you to open an account, pay bills, transfer funds, hotlist cards and check account balances.

The code is supported in all phones, provided that the phone can carry out USSD sessions.

The intelligent code does not require any mobile data or internet connection to work.

The requirement to use this code is to have an active Polaris bank account and an SMS-enabled mobile phone.

If you have already signed up for Polaris mobile banking, you will be required to use your Polaris mobile PIN.

These are the key things to note about activating the Polaris Bank USSD Transfer Code in Nigeria.

How To Activate Polaris Bank USSD Transfer Code

If you are not signed up on Polaris mobile, you will first have to sign up to activate the code.

Please follow the steps below to register for Polaris Bank USSD Code:

  1. First, start by dialing *833# from the mobile number linked with Polaris
  2. Next, select option 6 to check the balance
  3. After that, enter your account number
  4. Next, enter your 4-digit number to be used as the PIN
  5. Your account balance will then be displayed

This is how to activate the Polaris Bank USSD transfer code in Nigeria.

What Are The Charges

You may be charged airtime when using this transfer code.

You are required to have a minimum of n10 airtime credit to use this service across all networks.

The charge for using the *833# smart code is 1Naira for every 20 seconds, meaning that you will be charged 3 Naira in one minute.

Bank charges for using this service vary with the type of service.

This is all you need to know about activating the Polaris Bank USSD Transfer code in Nigeria.

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