How KPLC Prepaid Meter Works

How KPLC Prepaid Meter Works, Kenya Power Meter Guide

Chances are your prepaid customer, and you would like to know how KPLC prepaid meter works.

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KPLC started piloting prepaid meters in 2009, and after successful piloting, they started to install officially prepaid meters for all customers who would like electricity connections.

Also, they allowed any postpaid customer willing to have the meter changed.

The prepaid meter differs from the postpaid meter in that with a prepaid meter; you get to recharge like the way you recharge a mobile phone.

After the units you have recharged used up, electricity disconnects automatically.

The postpaid meter works differently because it only monitors your electricity usage, and at the end of the month, KPLC sends you the bill to pay.

If you would like to switch to a prepaid meter or are looking to understand prepaid meters, you need to know below.

How KPLC prepaid meter works

As mentioned, the prepaid meter was introduced by KPLC in 2013 to help them ease the collection of electricity bills.

It is a different meter from the postpaid me5ter such that you will no longer be paying the bill at the end of the month, but you buy tokens, and after they are used up, you get to another unit to continue using the electricity.

The introduction of this prepaid meter led to abolishing the monthly fixed payment.  You get to use what you have topped up.

If the tokens are below 20 units, the prepaid meter is designed to warn you the units are almost used up by making an alarm sound.

Since the introduction of this prepaid meter, some have had positive views while others have negative.

Some claim the tokens are used up quickly, making electricity expensive, but that is not the truth.

While some say, they like the idea of knowing how much they are spending, unlike with a postpaid meter, which is not sure how much you have used.

Overall, the KPLC abolished the installation of the postpaid meter; therefore, if you would like to get an electricity connection, there is no option but a prepaid meter.

All you have to do is manage your electricity usage if you would like to pay less. Besides, even if you get disconnected, you get to up the meter, and your connection is automatic; there are no reconnection fines. 

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