Do KPLC tokens expire

Do KPLC tokens expire? Find Out If Tokens Can Expire

If you are here to learn if KPLC tokens expire, you have come to the right place. If you use a prepaid KPLC meter, you ought to buy a token to enjoy an uninterrupted electricity connection. Failure to recharge your meter will lead to electricity disconnection, which is automatic when the token is used up.

The prepaid KPLC meter was introduced in 2009 on a pilot project, and after successful piloting, KPLC abolished the postpaid and started the installation of prepaid meters as from 2013.

Many Kenyans appreciated the move as it was like digitizing ere way to collect bills. The monthly fixed amount was abolished; thus, you get the value of your every shilling.

The prepaid billing services also offer customers convenience and control over their electricity bills. In addition, it gives consumers the power to monitor and regulate electricity consumption in the home.

The prepaid meter also eased the collection of KPLC bills and cut down the cost of billing where they had to pay for postal services and hire people to go checking the meter.

There are many ways to buy the token, the easier and quicker option being through your mobile money banking service provider, may it be Mpesa, Airtel money, or T-kash. After buying the token, you are required to enter the digits sent to you by KPLC on your meter. Sometimes you may forget you bought the token only to remember after a month.

If you have ever met yourself in such a situation, the first question which crosses your mind is if the KPLC tokens expire.  If you are looking for a straight answer, yes, the KPLC token expires after three months from the time of buying if you didn’t enter the digit sent to you on your meter.

How to know if the KPLC tokens have expired

It is easy to know if the token has expired; when you try to enter the digits sent to you to your prepaid meter and at the screen, you see ‘OLD,’ it means the token has expired. They are invalid because the three months given to have entered those digits to your meter are over.

If you bought the token and they have expired, the best next step to take is to contact KPLC customer care for assistance.  KPLC customer care can be contacted by dialing 97771 or 0703070707 or 0732170170. You can also contact KPLC customers through social media through their page. Twitter @Kenya power and Facebook at Kenya power and lighting company.

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