How Are KPLC Tokens Calculated

How are KPLC tokens calculated, Find Out Below

Do you want to know how KPLC tokens are calculated? Read this ultimate guide.

In 2013 the government started installing prepaid meters, which came with advantages like abolishing the fixed monthly charges.

If you are a prepaid customer, you have to buy tokens, and if the units deplete, the electricity disconnects automatically.

Although it has been more than nine years since the government started installing the prepaid token meter, very few people understand how KPLC tokens are calculated.

Worry not if you don’t know, but you have made the tremendous step to search how KPLC tokens are calculated, and here is everything you ought to know.

Kenya Power prepaid charges calculations

Many Kenyans have complained they are not receiving the same number of units despite purchasing the units using the same amount.

What many don’t know is the categorization of customers and so as the charges differ.

Below is everything you need to know and evaluate your category and check the rate per unit.

The categorization is according to section 45 of the energy act amendment 2018.

The amendment categorized KPLC customers, and so the charges differ.

Domestic customers who buy less than ten tokens are charged Ksh. 12.00 per unit.

Domestic customers who buy more than ten tokens at a time will be charged Ksh. 15.80 each token.

Small scale consumers with less than 15,000 tokens: Ksh. 15.80 per power unit applies.

Industrial customers with more than 15,000 tokens are charged Ksh. 15.80 per power unit

Commercial customers used more than 15,00 pay to supply three-phase four-wire post-pay 415 volts electricity charges  during peak hours Ksh 12.00 per token.

While off peak hours Ksh 6.00 per unit; Ksh. 800.00 per kid as a demand fee

The peaks hours are;

  •       Weekdays: From midnight to 0600hrs and from 2200hrs to midnight
  •       Saturday or holidays: midnight to 0800hrs and 1400hrs to midnight
  •       Sundays: midnight  to midnight

How KPLC tokens are calculated

Besides the rate stipulated in the amendment, other factors influence how the tokens are calculated.

Thus to get accurate, you should check for details from the KPLC website or get rates from Kenya Gazette.

After getting the latest formula then can process applying it.

After the formula, the next step is to figure out which category your token falls into.

If you do buy less than ten units, you will be charged Ksh. 12.00 per kWh. For each token used more than 10 kWh, you will be charged Ksh. 15.80.

Therefore, if you have Ksh, one hundred in units for a specific KPLC Token recharge, you will be charged Ksh. 12.00 for each token.

As a result, the following will apply (Sh.100)/(Sh.12.00/KWh) = 8. 333333 8.34 units

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