Garlic Farming in Ghana

Garlic Farming in Ghana, Grow Garlic For A Living

Garlic is a type of bulbous blooming plant, and it is local to Central Asia and northeastern Iran and has for some time been a typical flavoring around the world. It has a background marked by a few thousand years of human consumption and other uses. It was known to old Egyptians and has been utilized as both a food enhancing and a customary medication. The world’s garlic production is over 28.5 million tons, with the largest producer being China (80%). Varieties of garlic include artichoke garlic, silverskin garlic, rocambole garlic, porcelain garlic, purple-stripe garlic, striped marble garlic, glazed purple garlic. Asiatic garlic, turban garlic, and creole garlic. In this article, we will learn more Garlic farming in Ghana.

Benefits of garlic

  • They can lower blood pressure. 
  • They help to lower cholesterol. 
  • They help in support of immune function.
  • Garlic has a large number of antioxidants.
  • They are used to cure bronchitis, hypertension, TB (tuberculosis), liver disorders, dysentery, flatulence, colic, intestinal worms, rheumatism, diabetes, and fevers.

Garlic Farming In Ghana

As mentioned earlier, garlic has been in existence for thousands of years, and its farming has also been in existence for the same amount of time. Garlic farming involves growing and cultivating them for food and medicine. 

The cultivation of garlic is largely dependent on the climate, as this will determine the variety of garlic to grow. Some varieties of garlic require warm temperatures, and others thrive in cold temperatures. 

Garlic farming in Ghana is not a new thing. However, they are not in abundance, and as we speak, the country has not exploited the economic boom that comes along with the growing of garlic. 

In Ghana, garlic can grow in all regions provided that the climate is suitable for its growth – thus a cool climate. 

Things to know about garlic farming

As a business venture, you must treat it as a business. Before you proceed to have a garlic farm, make sure that; 

  • You have a business plan
  • You have a farm site ready
  • Define the farming scope you will be using

The amount involved in having a garlic farm

Having a garlic farm requires that the individual will splash some meaningful amount of money. The amount involved cannot be quantified. However, since you will be purchasing commodities like land, farm materials, and also other farming tools and equipment needed, be prepared to use not less than GHC 6,000. 

How to grow garlic in Ghana

Since the garlic grows under conditions, you are required to grow them in nurseries before planting them in the main fields. Once the plant germinates in the nursery, it would be safe to plant them in the open fields. Typically, they become ready to be harvested in about five to six months. 

Market for garlic in Ghana

Garlic has several uses in Ghanaian society, and this makes it an essential commodity in Ghanaian markets. A bulb of Ghana is sold for not less than GHC 2, and it can go as high as GHC 5 depending on the market location.

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