FNB temporary loan in South Africa

FNB Temporary Loan Review, 2022, Get Temporary Loan In South Africa

Are you really wondering where you can get a loan for a short period? First National Bank South Africa is offering a temporary loan to help you take care of your emergencies or unforeseen situation you are going through. Check this FNB Temporary Loan guide.

You can get up to R10 000 loan if you qualify and have all the required documents.

In this quick guide, I will share what you need to qualify for an FNB temporary loan and how to apply for the loan.

We have done an extensive Temporary Loan Review for you to know all the details.

Requirements To Apply For The FNB Temporary Loan

The following are the documents essential to qualify for FNB temporary loan and also qualification criteria;

  • Have an FNB Cheque or Easy Account.
  • At least be earning between R3 000 monthly.
  • Your age is between eighteen 18 and sixty-three 63 years.
  • Be a South African citizen.

How To Apply For FNB Temporary Loan

If you have the above and meet qualification criteria, then here are two ways you can apply for FNB temporary loan;

1. Through cellphone banking

If you have registered for the FNB cellphone banking service, you can apply for a loan using the phone.

There is no paperwork required.

Here are the steps to follow to apply for FNB temporary loan in South Africa using Cellphone banking;

1. Dial *120*321# using the SIM card linked to your account

2. Follow the prompted procedure on the phone screen.

3. Enter your FNB Cellphone banking PIN.

4. Click the “Get a Loan” button from the main menu.

5. Select the “Temporary Loan” option.

6. Read and understand the rules guiding the loan application.

7. Click on the “Continue “button.

8. Accept the spousal consent.

9. Read and actually understand the loan “Terms and conditions.”

10. If you are applying for the first time, select “Accept Offer.”

11. Enter the loan amount you need.

12. Fill in the application form.

13. Select the “Confirm “button.

14. You’ll receive an SMS confirming if your application was approved.

That is how to apply for the FNB South Africa temporary loan via cellphone banking.

2. Apply For FNB South Africa Temporary Loan Via Online Banking

You can also apply for an FNB temporary loan through FNB online banking service.

Here are the steps to follow when applying for a temporary loan using online banking:

1. Visit the FNB website.

2. Enter your FNB username and password and click log in.

3. Select the “Loans” tab.

4. Select the “Get Temp Loan Now” option.

5. Read the rules and understand this loan application.

6. Click the “Accept” button to confirm you agree to the spousal loan consent.

7. Read and understand the FNB loan terms and conditions, then click the accept button.

8. Select the “Accept offer” button.

9. Enter the amount.

10. Click the “Take Up loan” button.

11. Lastly, confirm the loan application.

You can also apply for the loan by visiting the nearest FNB branch and apply for the loan.

At the bank, you will be guided on how to apply for a loan. 

That is all we have for you about the FNB Temporary Loan Review.

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