Does Zelle Work With Chime

Does Zelle Work With Chime, Get Full Details Below

Does Zelle work with Chime? This is one of the most common questions among Chime bank users in the US.

If you want to know the answers to this query, check out this guide.

Chime is a financial services and technology company that provides purely online banking solutions to clients.

Zelle is a fast and easy way to send and receive money from people using an email address or a phone number.

Does Zelle Work With Chime

Yes and No!

No, because Zelle cannot directly be used with Chime as Chime is an online bank, and Zelle is only used on banks with a physical building.

Yes, because you can use a brick-and-mortar bank as the middleman to bypass the problem.

Zelle is used with brick-and-mortar banks like Bank of America, JP Morgan, Citigroup, and Regions.

How To Set Up Chime To Work With Zelle

To set up Chime with Zelle, you need to have an account with both Zelle and Chime bank.

Follow the steps below to set up Chime with Zelle:

  1. First, download both Zelle and Chime mobile apps on your device
  2. Next, open your Zelle app and locate your bank
  3. Next, Find Chime bank on the list provided
  4. Unfortunately, you will not find Chime as it is not directly available through Zelle
  5.  Next, click on the ‘Don’t see your Bank?’ option that appears
  6. After that, enter your debit card number and any other prompted information
  7. Next, create a password to use in authentication of transactions and click Finish
  8. After this, you will be able to start sending or receiving the money to and from your Chime account through Zelle

This is how to set up  Chime to work with Zelle in the US.

How To Send Money From Zelle To Chime

Follow the steps below to send money from Zelle to chime:

  1. First, log in to our Chime bank account through the mobile app or the website
  2. Next, click Move Money
  3. Next click Transfers
  4. After that, enter your Chime login information and complete your transaction.

You will not be charged any fees for using Zelle with Chime.

This is all the answers you need about your questions on whether Zelle works with Chime in the US.

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