Does Amazon ship to Nigeria

Does Amazon ship to Nigeria, Yes, Amazon Deliver To Nigeria

Does Amazon ship to Nigeria? It is a common question many Nigerians who want to shop from Amazon ask. Here we have the answer to the question and how to ship from Amazon to Nigeria.

If you are a resident of Nigeria and have tried to purchase from Amazon, there is a good probability that you have had some issues. Shipping to Nigeria is the most prevalent problem that arises. In this article, we will find out if Amazon ships to Nigeria and how to go about it.

Does Amazon Ship to Nigeria?

Amazon does ship some items to Nigeria. However, not all of their products are eligible. Amazon ships some items to Nigeria like clothes and home goods.

But other items cannot be shipped directly to Nigeria from Amazon.

How to ship from Amazon to Nigeria

If you have been looking to know, does Amazon ship to Nigeria, here is how to go about it and have your order from Amazon shipped to Nigeria.

On international Amazon shipping, it is vital to figure out the best approach to make foreign purchases and have your things delivered to your home in Nigeria.

This can be done by researching the many shipping options on the Amazon website. The following are the options available to ship from Amazon to Nigeria.

Ask the seller to ship to Nigeria

Asking the seller to ship the order to Nigeria is the simplest option; nevertheless, there is no assurance that the seller will meet your request.

There are some merchants from the United States and people from other countries who advertise their wares on Amazon, but they will not ship anything to Nigeria. If this is the case, you want to go with an alternate method of shipment.

If the seller is willing to ship to Nigeria, you need to ensure that the address you provide for the shipment is reputable and accurate so that the package may be delivered to you successfully.

If you wanted to use FedEx or another foreign shipping firm to have items delivered to your house, it might cost you way too much money.

To take advantage of this method, you should do the following:

  •   Go to the Amazon site.
  •   Choose “Nigeria” as your shipping nation using the drop-down menu in the upper left corner.
  •   As you search through the platform and look at the products, you will now receive a notice telling you whether your items can be transported directly to Nigeria. Either “available for shipping to Nigeria” or “not eligible” will be displayed.
  •  You can purchase and have the item delivered to your house directly.

Through shipping forwarding company

The United States of America is home to various freight forwarding companies, each of which maintains a network of warehouses.

They offer international customers free virtual shipping addresses (typically your suite number at the company’s warehouse).

This enables you to make purchases on Amazon as if you were a resident of any of the states in the United States. In most cases, your suite number can be found at the company’s distribution center.

You can get your items delivered to your address because all of the merchants present on the Amazon platform in the United States are pleased to ship practically everything located within the United States.

After some time has passed, you will be able to consolidate all of your shipments into a single large package and have it sent to your address in Nigeria.

Compared to customers who ship their Amazon purchases via FedEx or other mail carriers, customers who know how to ship from Amazon to Nigeria using freight forwarding firms experience lower overall shipping costs for all of their Amazon purchases.

You can utilize Aramex, Borderoo, Hont Global Services, or another company that provides you with a virtual address in the United States and enables you to make purchases anywhere within the nation without encountering any difficulties.

When you use a forwarding business to ship your items from the United States to Lagos (Nigeria), the price per pound of your shipment might range anywhere from four to five dollars in the United States.


Now you have the answer to the question: does Amazon Ship to Nigeria? It is important to remember that certain classes of goods for which shipping to Nigeria is not likely to be an option.

For instance, it is not possible to ship combustible goods or anything else that is prohibited from being transported across international borders.

Freight forwarding typically has a list of suitable products for shipping to Nigeria. However, individual sellers might not know what they can or cannot ship to their customers.

It is strongly recommended that you give this list a thorough read before making any purchases online.

As you can see, Amazon can deliver to Nigeria, but the service is also quite popular in our nation. Many people prefer to make their purchases online, and some even find that they can save money by buying in the United States, which is home to the largest online market, Amazon.

You can negotiate with the sellers to have them delivered directly to your residence in Nigeria when it comes to certain things. In contrast, you will need to engage exclusively with freight forwarding for others.

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