How To Start Cold store Business In Ghana

How To Start Cold store Business In Ghana, 2022, Cold Store Business Ideas

Ghanaians love meat and fish that is frozen incredibly. The cold store business is where exotic and local frozen foods are stored and sold for human consumption. In this article, we will learn how to start cold store business in ghana.

Types Of Cold Store Business In Ghana

There are two scales of operation in the cold store business, including: 

1. Small-scale cold store business- this type of cold store operates as a retail store. 

2. Large-scale cold store business- here, the cold store operates both retail and wholesale. 

Things You Must Do Before Starting A Retail Business In Ghana

Here is how to start a cold store business in Ghana:

– Have a good business plan that goes hand in hand with your capital.

– Get a good business location.

– Register business.

– Get excellent and reliable suppliers.

– Employ staff.

– Have a target market.

– Hire or get a business vehicle to restock your shop.

– Have a sound delivery system.

– Get brand ambassadors for your product.

Equipment Used In The Cold store Business In Ghana

1. Freezer and refrigerator.

2. Weighing scale. 

3. Butcher knife.

4. Cutting board.

5. Measuring tape.

6. Generator.

7. Carrier track.

How Much Does It Cost To Start Coldstore Business In Ghana

This depends on the scale you want to start, either large or small scale. 

Small scale cost between 2,000- 5,000 Ghana cedis. Large scale is 40,000 to 70,000 Ghana cedis.

Is The Coldstore Business Profitable In Accra?

Yes, due to the high demand for cold store products. 

The profit here is overwhelming. 

An investor can make a profit of 70 to 100 percent.

Best Places To Set Up A Cold store Enterprise

1. In cities.

2. Around communities with less competition.

3. Along busy roads.

4. Market places.

How To Run A Successful Cold store Business In Ghana

1. Stock your shop with the right product. 

2. Pick products in high demand.

3. Good customer rapport.

4. Business location should be easily accessible.

5. Stay reliable to keep and attract customers.

Challenges Facing Cold store Business In Ghana.

1. Powerful fluctuation.

2. Power cost.

Benefits Of Setting Up The Enterprise

1. Regular cash flow.

2. Source of revenue for the government.

3. Creates job opportunities.

4. Makes frozen food available for food and business purposes.

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