Access Bank IBAN Number

Access Bank IBAN Number, Find The Official IBAN For Transfers

Today’s guide will briefly discuss the Access Bank IBAN number in Nigeria.

An International Bank Account Number (IBAN) is a standard international numbering system that identifies the overseas bank account.

The IBAN numbers have made international money transfers faster and more accurate.

Almost all big banks in Nigeria have IBANs to enable money transfers internationally.

Countries in Europe, the Middle East, and the Caribbean have widely adopted IBANs, so if you transfer funds to countries in these regions, you have to use IBAN.

What Is The Structure Of An IBAN Number

An IBAN can have up to 34 characters.

The IBAN starts with a two-digit country code, then two numbers, followed by more alphanumeric characters.

The number does not replace a bank’s own account numbering, as it only provides additional information that helps identify overseas payments.

This is the structure of the IBAN number overseas.

 Access Bank IBAN Number


This is the Access bank IBAN number in Nigeria.

ABNGNGLA is the unique bank identifier for Access bank’s head office branch in Lagos, Nigeria.

ABNG is the bank code assigned to Access Bank PLC.

NG is the 2letter country code for Nigeria.

LA represents the location code, and the second digit has a value of A.

XXX is the code for the primary office for Access Bank PLC.

This is the Nigeria IBAN number.

How The Access Bank IBAN Number Works

The BIC swift code provides information about the bank and the branch where money should be transferred.

The code ascertains information necessary to make or receive payments.

This code is easy for businesses and individuals to verify bank details and avoid international money transfer mistakes.

This is how the Access IBAN number works. That is all we have for you in this guide.

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