Absa Bank Cash Rewards

Absa Bank Cash Rewards, Find Out How It Works

In our guide today, we will focus on Absa bank cash rewards in South Africa.

The Absa rewards program rewards you for banking with Absa by putting cash in your pocket.

Other than the cash rewards, you also receive special offers and exclusive deals from selected Absa rewards partners.

You earn real cash for point of sale and online purchases made with your Absa card.

Cashback is earned on all qualifying transactions and if your Absa bank accounts are in good standing.

We will first show you how to join the rewards program.

How To Participate In Absa Bank Cash Rewards In South Africa

You can join the rewards program anytime, provided you have an active Absa transactional account.

You need to be a South African resident or a citizen to qualify for the rewards.

Your account should be in good standing, and you should make sure that your membership fee is paid every month.

Transactions paid with an Absa debit, credit, or cheque card qualify for the cash rewards.

This is how you join the cash rewards program in South Africa.

Absa Bank Cash Rewards

You can earn rewards from point-of-sale purchases or online purchases, provided you use an Absa card to make payments.

Below are four ways in which you can earn cash rewards:

  • Cash rewards from Absa bank
  • Cash rewards from rewards partners
  • Cash rewards at Sasol
  • Cash rewards at grocery partners

You can earn rewards for transacting using your Absa bank account.

You also earn cash rewards for purchasing from Absa rewards partners such as McCarthy, Travelstart, and Bolt.

You earn rewards for fueling at Sasol and buying groceries from grocery partners like Pick n Pay.

This is how you earn cash rewards in South Africa.

How to Move Up A Tier

Provide Absa ban with at least two valid contact details and grant the bank marketing consent for emails, SMS, and telephone.

You can also choose to receive statements over the post for all your qualifying products to upgrade your tier level.

Try making five or more beneficiary payments through the Absa bank app, Absa online, USSD, or an ATM.

This is how you upgrade your Absa bank cash rewards tier in South Africa.

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