What Does KPLC Stand For

What Does KPLC Stand For, Full Meaning Of KPLC

Do you know what does KPLC stand for?

The KPLC abbreviation stands for Kenya Power and Lighting Company.  Most Kenyans refer to the company as Kenya power .

KPLC is a Kenyan public utility that transmits, distributes, and sells power to clients across the country.

It also provides telecommunication firms with optic fiber connectivity through its optical fiber cable network, which runs along its high voltage lines across the country, mostly to regulate the national power grid.

KPLC Stand For Kenya Power and Lighting Company

Kenya Power dates back to 1875 when Sultan of Zanzibar Seyyied Barghash purchased a generator to light his palace and neighboring streets.

Harrali Esmailjee Jeevanjee bought this generator in 1908.

He was a Mombasa businessman, and his efforts led to the establishment of the Mombasa Electric Power and Lighting Company, whose mission was to supply energy to the island.

Engineer Clement Hirtzel was given the sole right to provide Nairobi with electricity the same year.

The Nairobi Power and Lighting Syndicate was formed as a result.

The company has undergone changes over the years until to date.

Mostly today, it is regulated by the government of Kenya as they are the main shareholder.

If you would like to visit their offices, they have their headquarters located at Stima Plaza, Kolobot Road in Parklands, Nairobi.

You can also contact their offices by phone (+2542032010000) or by sending them an email (customercare@kplc.co.ke) or through social media Twitter @KenyaPower_Care.

KPLC change of name

Did you know KPLC changed its name and today is a public limited company (plc)?

Previously it was referred to as Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited.

Still, following the approval by its shareholders and the Register of Companies, it changed its name to Kenya Power and Lighting Company Plc.

According to the Companies Act of 2015, it is okay to change the name of a company from a limited one to a public limited company (Plc).

As a result of the change, KPLC is now a public limited company rather than a private limited company (PLC). Shares are used by both the Public Limited Company and the Private Limited Company to raise funds.

The only distinction is that a PLC can trade its shares on a stock exchange, but an Ltd Company cannot.

Unlike before, the Electricity Company, which was listed on the Nairobi Stock Exchange in 2010 and traded as a private limited company, will now be permitted to quote its shares on the stock exchange.

The company will then be able to transfer shares without discussing with the shareholders openly.

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