Servus Credit Union Head Office

Servus Credit Union Head Office, Location Address & Contact Number

In today’s guide, we will discuss the Servus credit union head office in Canada.

Servus credit union is based in Edmonton, Canada.

The Servus credit union headquarters is located in Edmonton, Alberta province.

There are Servus credit union regional offices in Lloydminster and Red Deer.

We will begin by briefly showing you the exact address of Servus headquarters in Canada.

Contact & Address Of Servus Credit Union Head Office

The Servus credit union headquarters address is as follows:

151 Karl Clark Road NW Edmonton, AB T6N 1H5 780.496.2000

To contact Servus head office, you can call 1.877.378.8728

This is the contact address of Servus credit union’s head office in Alberta, Canada.

Now that you know how to contact the head office in Alberta, Canada, we will show you the unique features of the head office.

Servus Credit Union Head Office

Servus credit union moved its main office to a building in the Edmonton Research Park.

Below are the features of the Servus credit union headquarters in Edmonton, Canada:

  • Servus, credit union main office, is built with two layers of insulation over the old brick and concrete exterior to save energy and maintenance costs.
  • The head office has high-performance windows that protect against heat loss in winter and allow ventilation during summer.
  • Motion detection sensors have been installed to activate the lighting.
  • There are showers for staff in Servus credit union to use. 
  • There are energy star vending machines with healthy snack options for the staff. 
  • A fitness facility has been incorporated, and there are exercise classes for staff at Servus credit union main office. 

This is all you need to know about the head office in Canada. 

Who Serves At The Head Office

Employees are distributed to all branches of Servus credit union in Canada.

There are over 100 locations of Servus credit union in 59 communities across Alberta. 

Servus credit union has about 2400 employees in Canada.

Most executive leaders operate from the Servus head office in Edmonton, Canada.

Branch managers operate from the various Servus credit union branches.

The CEO and president of Servus credit union are Ian Burns.

This is all the information regarding the staff at Servus credit union head office in Canada. 

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