Servus Credit Union App

Servus Credit Union App, How To Install & Use The App

In this guide, we will show you how the Servus credit union app works in Canada. 

The Servus credit union app makes it easy for customers to manage their daily money matters. 

The mobile banking app is a free download for android and iPhone devices. 

You can also access the Servus mobile app account from any web-enabled mobile device using the mobile banking website.

We will now show you the services you can get from the Servus mobile app in Canada. 

What Services To Get From The Servus Mobile Banking App

Here are the various services you can get from the Servus mobile banking app in Canada:

  • You can check account balances and transaction histories
  • Transfer of funds
  • Pay bill services
  • Find Servus credit union branches and ATMs
  • Deposit cheques
  • Send inter-ace transfers

These are the various services from the Servus mobile app in Canada. 

How To Get Started With The Servus Credit Union App In Canada

If you are not yet signed up for online banking with Servus credit union in Canada, you first have to register. 

Visit any Servus credit union branch in Canada or call customer care at 1.877.378.8728 to get registered.

Please follow the basic steps below to use your Servus mobile banking app in Canada:

  • To use the Servus  app, first, download the Servus mobile banking app from the apple store or play store
  • Next, sign in to the banking services using your user id and password
  • Next, accept the Servus credit union digital banking agreement
  • Next, open the homepage and navigate to your service of choice

This is how you get started on the Servus mobile app in Canada.

What Is The Cost Of Servus Mobile  App In Canada

Servus credit union app is free to download and to use

Some transactions like pay bills and Interac-e-transfer may incur a charge depending on the type of account you have.

The Servus app uses data that is charged from your mobile carrier.

There are no charges imposed when using Wi-Fi to operate the credit union app in Canada.

This is generally the cost of using the Servus credit union mobile app in Canada.

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