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Red Cross Kenya’s Contacts, Call Red Cross With Ease

The Red Cross is well known in Kenya, especially during an emergency such as flooding, car accident, and drought, among other situations. They are the right people to contact when you have an emergency. But how do you contact Red Cross Kenya? Worry not; here, we have researched Red Cross Kenya’s contacts for you.

Kenya Red Cross is part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. In Kenya, the Red Cross was founded in 1965, and it aims to assist and carry out various initiatives and raise awareness about problems or issues affecting the people. Some of Red Cross Kenya is engaged in disaster relief, blood services, drought, training, emergency services, and Medical Assistance programs.

Kenya Red Cross Society is a voluntary organization and operates throughout the world. Over 70,000 volunteers from the Red Cross contribute both at the headquarters and the branch levels to implement different activities.

If you would like to be a member, you can enroll anytime you wish. But it’s ideal first to contact their customer care to know the requirements. There is no discrimination if you want to join Red Cross membership has the membership is open to anyone, regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, class, political opinion, or nationality.

Red Cross’s ambition is to become the most reliable and successful humanitarian organization to support Kenyans’ present and future. The Red Cross Kenya company holds core values such as honesty, respect, creativity, and service to humanity. Thus, upon registering to become part of it, you will have to uphold those values.

Various ways you can contact Red Cross Kenya customer care

Red Cross Kenya contacts are important to everyone as you can use them to report an accident, seek assistance, or for other inquiries. Here we understand the importance of knowing how to get in touch with Red cross Kenya customer care; hence listed the following ways you can contact Red cross Kenya.

Red Cross Kenya’s Contacts Numbers

You can call Read cross Kenya Telephone: +254 20 3950000, 020-6003593, 6003589 Cell +254 703 037000, +254 732 137000, +254 722-206958, 254 733-333040 or Toll Free HOTLINE: 1199.

Red Cross Kenya Location address

Kenya Red Cross Society has its Headquarters located at South C, Red Cross Road, Off Popo Road P.O. Box 40712, 00100, Nairobi, Kenya.

Red Cross Kenya Email address

You can also send an email to Read Cross Kenya at or

Red Cross Kenya working hours

You can call Read cross any time of the day as their hotline is available 24/7.

Red Cross Kenya Social media accounts

You can also find Red Cross Kenya on Social media, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

After following their accounts, you will receive vital information and can chat with their customer care. 

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