Poultry Farm Equipment in Ghana

Poultry Farm Equipment in Ghana, Buy Your Poultry Farm Equipment With Ease

Poultry farming involves the use of several types of equipment, and these types of equipment make these whole poultry farm activities less tedious. In this article, e are going to learn more about poultry farm equipment in Ghana.

Some of these types of equipment are:

  • Incubator – An incubator is poultry hardware that is utilized for incubating the bird’s egg artificially. 
  • Feeder – The feeder is an equipment that is utilized for taking care of the poultry birds.
  • Water pot – is fundamental for providing water inside the pen.
  • Heater – Giving some form of warmth is exceptionally fundamental for poultry cultivating, and to achieve this, the heater is used. 
  • Laying nests – These help the poultry birds to lay their eggs.
  • Egg handling nests – These are utilized for moving eggs starting with one spot then onto the next places.
  • Coops and cages – As the name suggests, these are places where the birds are kept. 

Where to buy poultry farm equipment in Ghana

Poultry farm equipment can be purchased from various poultry farm shops across the country. These tools can be purchased on a wholesale and retail basis. Some leading shops in Ghana that deal in these tools are; 

  • Agro Africa Limited
  • Agro Kings Limited
  • Darko Farms Limited
  • HalaalFarms
  • Ansu Pramag Farms
  • Akate Farms & Trading

You can also purchase these tools from the various online shops available in Ghana. 

How to own a poultry farming equipment shop in Ghana

To start a shop, you must do the following; 

  • Have a business plan
  • Register your business
  • Rent a shop
  • Set up the shop 

Market for Poultry Farm Equipment

There is a huge market for poultry farm equipment, and this is due to the growing number of poultry farms in Ghana. With each passing day, new farms are being set up, and this makes the venture quite a profitable one. 

Amount involved in setting up poultry farm equipment shop

To have your poultry farm equipment shop running, you need not less than GHC 15,000.

This is based on the shop’s size and the location of the shop as rent and other expenses can subject the quoted amount to change.

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