Maximum Transfer Limit For FirstBank In Nigeria

Maximum Transfer Limit For FirstBank In Nigeria, Find It Below

Here is the maximum transfer limit for FirstBank in Nigeria if you are searching for the transfer limit.

A maximum transfer limit is the total amount of money you can send or receive from one account to another or a mobile wallet.

The transfer limits differ with accounts and the access mode used.

Why FirstBank Has Transfer Limits

If your account details or phone are compromised, the fraudsters may not be able to access your entire bank account because of the limits.

They can not transfer all the money from your account since the limit does not allow transfers beyond the set limits.

Contact FirstBank immediately if you realize a compromise on your bank details to prevent further damage.

Transfer limits are a security strategy to limit access to funds by unauthorized users.

These are the reasons FirstBank has a maximum transfer limit.

What Is The Maximum Transfer Limit For FirstBank In Nigeria

The daily USSD maximum transfer limit is N100,000.

The daily transfer limit for FirstBank mobile banking is N500,000 if you don’t have a token and N1,000,000 if you are using a token.

The transfer limit for online banking is N5 million for personal accounts and N10 million for business accounts.

The daily ATM transfer limit is N150,000 and N300,000 for FirstBank Platinum MasterCard holders.

Here is the maximum transfer limit for FirstBank.

Can You Increase Your Transfer Limit

Yes! You can successfully increase your transfer limit by visiting the bank branch.

Request your customer care representative for available limit increase options, and if you qualify, your limit will be increased.

Remember to carry your FirstBank account documents and a valid identity card to prove your identity.

For instance, your mobile banking transfer limit may be increased from N1 million to N5 million if you use a token.

This is how to increase your FirstBank maximum transfer limit in Nigeria.

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