Jamii MiFi Router Review, 2022, Ultimate Guide To The Jamii Telecom Mifi Router

Are you searching for an honest Jamii MiFi router review? Well, you have come to the right place. Here we have gathered about the Jamii MiFi router’s details ranging from the price, where you can buy to the specifications.

Since the launch of the Faiba product by Jamii telecom and introduced the Faiba MiFi, people are excited to buy the router for faster browsing.

However, you need to know the retailing prices and where to buy, and how it works, among other things. We have your back as in this article you find these among other details.

Jamii mifi router Price in Kenya

You can buy a Jamii Mifi router at a retail price of between Ksh. 5,400 and KSh.6,000.

There are even some shops selling the router on average of up to Ksh. 9,000.

It all depends where you head to buy the router.

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Where to buy JTL WiFi Device

You can get a Jamii MiFi router at Jamii Telecom shops, which are across the country.

You can visit JAMII Telecom website to locate the shop near you.

These are the ideal shops to consider, as you will get the router at a cheaper price.

Equally, you can also purchase Jamii MiFi at the top supermarket like Tusks, Naivas.

You can also buy online from the leading online stores like Jumia.

How Jamii MiFi router works

It is easy to connect Jamii MiFi with your devices. The router is designed to be compatible with most devices like a computer or Mobile phones.

You need to have a Faiba line, which you can acquire at any of the JAMII Telecom shops. Next is to top up the line and buy data bundles.

You can connect to your device through either a USB cable or if you need to connect to more than one (1) device, you can connect through seamless internet.

The router supports more than ten device connections.

There is also an SD slot where you can insert an SD card to save personal data.

Jamii MiFi router specifications

There are several specifications that make the Jamii router one of the best Mifi in the market.

Among them is the Jamii MiFi router model is MF-8, the latest model to support the various operating systems.

Whether windows run your computer, Mac OS, your phone is run by Android, Linux, or iOS, and you can connect it to Jamii wife router.

The router comes with an inbuilt battery, which makes it portable with a battery life of up to 8 hours. The battery capacity is 2100mAh.

Also, the router is 4G with a download speed of up to 150mbps. The speed is, however, dependent on the number of devices connected.

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ZTE MF920V Wireless Hotspot Router

The ZTE Jamii router is one of the lightweight wireless hotspot portable devices.

This router has an outstanding download speed of 150 Mbps.

That is amazing fast.

What is more, the Jamii ZTE MF920V router has a 2800mAh battery, which can keep you on your feet for unlimited browsing for more than 8 hours.

Also, this JTL router can be connected to at least 10 devices. So it can power all the internet-enabled devices in your house.

Here is the surprise!

The ZTE MF920V router costs only Ksh. 5,400.

That is on the low end for most people in Kenya.

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