IRS Code 810

IRS Code 810, Here Is What Code 810 Means On Tax Transcript 2022/2023

Most Americans already know how to interpret IRS Code 810 on their tax transcript. If you are among the few who don’t know, this guide is for you!

IRS Code 810 means a freeze has been placed on your refund or a freeze on your earned income credit.

The refunds are frozen due to some reasons, such as outstanding debts, inaccurate tax returns, and multiple unfilled back tax returns, among others.

Why IRS Code 810 Appears on your Tax Transcript

The code will appear if the IRS believes that there was an error on your current year’s tax return or if the IRS is auditing your tax refund.

The IRS believes you made a mistake on your tax return, and they, therefore, have the authority to modify your refund.

Your refund may be frozen if the IRS is auditing your previous tax returns and believes you will owe them additional tax.

Code 810 appears if you have taxes accrued, so they will deduct all your refunds from your account until you pay off the debt, regardless of whether you are on a payment plan.

If you have multiple unfilled back tax returns, the RS will put on hold your refund until you file all your previous tax returns and pay any associated tax liabilities.

The IRS will freeze your refund if they suspect you have been the victim of tax identity theft or if there’s a discrepancy related to your dependent.

These are the major reasons why IRS Code 810 appears on your tax transcript in the US.

IRS Code 810

You have until 60 days to show your case to the IRS and request a reversal if you believe you made the correct tax return.

File an amended return after 60 days to correct any inaccuracies and reclaim your fund from the IRS.

If you have accrued taxes, enter into an IRS payment agreement to avoid penalties, interest, and collection enforcement activities.

This is what to do when you view the IRS Code 810 on your tax transcript in the US.

When Is IRS Code 810 Removed

The freeze should be removed when you receive and thoroughly verify your identity per the 5071c letter.

If the verification you went through proves you are the person named on the return and that you filed the return, you will get your returns after the freeze is removed.

Your return will be processed, and you should get your return in about six weeks.

This is all you need to know about IRS Code 80 on your tax transcript in the US.

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