1 thought on “IRS Code 766, What Does Code 766 On 2022/2023 IRS Tax Transcript Mean”

  1. Noticed my 3rd stim was a code 846(refund issued) then turned into a 766(tax relief credit) and never got anything all of 2021 so I E filed in 2022 and got a letter saying I should expect to get the 3rd stim but then 4 weeks later I got a letter saying they adjusted my refund $0 and gave no clear reason as to why. Just 5 vauge reasons why the change could have occured. Tax relief credit would be useless to me and I just want the goddamn money I was originaly promised! Why did the IRS have to do this with the 3rd stim? I am royaly and rightfully pissed off about this.

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