IRS Code 570

IRS Code 570, What The Code 570 Means On IRS Tax Transcript 2022/2023

If you receive IRS code 570 on your transcript and wonder what it means, this article will answer all your questions and explain details on whether you can reverse code 570 on your transcript.

What The Code 570 Means On IRS Transcript

Conferring to the Internal Revenue Service Master File Codes, code 570 indicates additional liability pending or credit hold. 

Freezes module from offsetting credit out or refunding.

The code 570 can be created to establish frozen status by following:


  • A return (Tax Code 150) is posted with CCC “3” (IMF) or CCC “X” (BMF).
  • Document code 34 credit transaction input with credit freeze code.
  • Tax Code 670 posts create a credit balance, and an unreversed Tax Code 420 or 424 is posted to the module.
  • A document code 54 with Tax Code 291 and Priority Code 7 in blocking series 740-769.
  • Tax Code 150 blocking series 920-929.
  • Tax Code 24X with reference number 699.
  • Tax Code 680 if results in a credit balance of $5 or more.
  • TDI/DEL RET Refund Hold (Julian Date 999).

BMF: Generated when Form 706 module, in installment status 14, goes to the credit balance, except when a prior Tax Code 460 is posted.

Frozen status released by:

  • Tax Code 571 or 572.
  • The module goes to zero or debit balance.
  • Posting of Tax Code 30X (except with disposal code 7 or 11).
  • Tax Code 150
  • Tax Code 840 blocked 920-929.
  • Tax Code 29X with TC 180 with zero amount if there is no unreversed TC 180 or 186 posted.
  • Zero balance, Tax Code 290 or 300 PC 8, TC 571 or TC 572.

What Does IRS Code 570 With Future Date On Tax Transcript Mean?

The code issued on your transcript stops processing your returns, while code 571 allows your returns to be processed.

The IRS adds extra weeks to check specific information under normal circumstances. 

However, it delays if you have got an additional tax credit.

Some of the reasons for credit hold are;

  • Unemployment benefits
  • Dependency issues

To get correct information on your specific situation, please get in touch with IRS representatives.

What Is Additional Liability Pending Or Credit Hold On IRS 570 Transcript

This might mean you owe money to a government agency or something is incorrect with your anticipated refund. 

When this occurs, please contact IRS.

How Do I Reverse IRS Code 570 On My Transcript?

The reversal of the Additional Liability Pending/or Credit Hold on a transcript can only be done by the IRS.

As such, you cannot reverse it. 

If you wish to resolve any issue, you are advised to contact the IRS.

How Do I Know If Additional Liability Pending/Or Credit Hold Is Resolved On Tax Transcript?

When your pending credit hold or pending liability is resolved, you will see the following codes;

  • Tax Code 571, which means a reversal of code 570.
  • Tax Code 572, which means correction in processing error of 570.

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