How to start a small business in Uganda

How to start a small business in Uganda, Begin Your Small Scale Business In Ghana

Starting any business is quite a hectic process that requires dedication and time to plan. Many people often do not have enough capital to start a big business; hence they go for small-scale business ideas. Therefore, this article will show you how to start a small business in Uganda. 

There are many jobs that one can start with little capital. If you are still wondering exactly how you can start a business with little capital, here is a complete guide on this.

Businesses one can start with little capital in Uganda

A majority of the businesses started in Uganda have been started by little capital and have slowly grown to become successful. Some of the businesses one can start with little capital include;

  1. Cleaning services-This involves offering a service to clean other peoples apartment at a fixed rate. The business only requires one to have skills and the necessary cleaning equipment. The equipment can always be stored at your home store before one can expand the business.
  2. Bodaboda services- This business only requires one to have a motorcycle and a driving license. In case one doesn’t have a motorcycle one can easily lease one and always pay back weekly in small amounts.
  3. Delivery service-This involves transporting goods to their destination at a small fee. One can transport using a pickup, bicycle, motorcycle, truck, or even minivan. The cheapest is the bicycle. One also has an option of leasing the means of transport. This again depends on the capital one has.
  4. Selling homemade food-Another business that one can start and run is selling homemade food. It involves cooking food at home, packing them, and delivering them to the respective e group of people. It requires little capital as one is using home utensils for cooking.
  5. Chapatti business-This is another very profitable business that can be run near a town center or beside the road. A small hotel can also be rented and specialize in cooking chapatti.
  6. Fruit vendor business-If you have a farm that produces various types of fruits, then this is the job for you. Just create a structure near the roadside and put your fruits on display for passengers and potential customers to buy.
  7. Online business-Online business requires a fast internet connection and a Personal Computer or phone to be able to do the tasks.
  8. Poultry business-Another business that does not require heavy investment in the poultry business. With this, one can buy little chicks and rear them to hens and chickens, which produce eggs and are also a source of meat. They don’t have to be broilers or layers but kienyeji. One can let them move around the compound and feed on grass and insects.

Tips to start a business with little capital in Uganda

  1. To start and run a business with small capital, you will need to have a business plan on how you will use the capital to start the business and how they will run the business.
  2. The next step is to look for a space to rent that is affordable and rhymes with your capital. The rented space should be near a town center and presentable though cheaper.
  3. Advertise your business on social media platforms such as WhatsApp status and Facebook pages.
  4. Do not employ people for work that you can do yourself. For instance the cleaning service. Start by cleaning the houses yourself before deciding to hire people.
  5. Always save to grow fast and expand your business.

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