How To Start A Poultry Business In Zimbabwe

How To Start A Poultry Business In Zimbabwe, Build A Lucrative Poultry System

The poultry business in Zimbabwe has been on the rise, with many people venturing into it to help cope up with the hard economic times experienced. In Zimbabwe, the chicken business has always been a profitable business for entrepreneurs, and it is still practiced today. Chicken business is one of the businesses that is done in Zimbabwe over the years and has registered a lot of profits in that business venture.

How much do you need before starting the poultry business?

Depending on the size of your business capital will always vary. You can start with $ 1,000 for the chicken business in Zimbabwe to purchase the days-old chicks and feed them.

What you need before starting a poultry farm

1. A house /a shelter

A shelter for chicken rearing needs to be well considered. The housing should be well lit and well ventilated. It should be cheap, and it should be in a place where accessibility is not a problem. Waste disposal systems should also be considered for the well-being of the chicken. Equipment must also be considered, for instance, the place where they can lay eggs.

2. Days old chicks

Days-old chicks in Zimbabwe range from around 0.7 $ and o.10 $ per chick. Buy the chicks from the best dealers around.

3. Stock feeds

Taking care of the chicken needs a lot of consideration. Chicken is usually prone to diseases and death. Make sure your feeds have access to the nutrition for their growth and weight gain. As a business person, you can decide to formulate your feeds, especially when you have access to some grain. You make your feeds and add some nutrients on top. 

And you know what? It is much cheaper. It would be best if you fed quality feeds for both the layers and broilers. Purchase the feeds from a reputable company to ensure the quality of the chicken production. 

4. Capital. The capital for starting the chicken business will depend on the size of the chicken business you want to establish.

5. Labor. The labor will also depend on the size of your business and the quality of the hands.

6. A market – market research should be conducted before you start the chicken business. Depending on your business location in Zimbabwe, broilers are sold from $5 to $ 6. 

The higher the production, the larger the market.

What are the various ways to earn money in the poultry business?

a) Day-old chicks

b) Broilers

c) Roasters

d) Capons

e) Layers

f) Eggs for the market

g) Eggs for home consumption

Is the poultry business profitable in Zimbabwe?

a) It is profitable when you have an already market

b) It is profitable when the level of production is high to balance the economies of scale

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