How To Start A Pharmacy Business In Zimbabwe

How To Start A Pharmacy Business In Zimbabwe, Make A Living From Selling Medicines

The pharmacy business is becoming among the lucrative businesses in Zimbabwe. When you meet the requirements of starting a pharmacy business in Zimbabwe, the rest becomes easy. People’s health is one of the most priorities. 

The pharmacy business is very important because of the need to supply medical drugs and medicines.

How to register a pharmacy

1. Register as a private limited company.

2. Get a shop license using the Zimbabwe services

3. Register with the Health Professional Authority {HPA}. This particular certificate, you fill in a form and then submitted, and an inspection is followed. There is a fee charged for the certificate. An additional fee might occur during the random inspection. When they are satisfied, they issue a certificate.

4. Next is to register with the Medicine Control Authority {MCA}. It is responsible for protecting public and animal health. This body ensures that all the medicine given to animals and humans is safe.

5. Next is to register with the Pharmacists Council of Zimbabwe. You have to provide your professional communication, and when they get satisfied, they issue a practicing certificate and a license.

Tips to start a pharmacy in Zimbabwe

1. Proper bookkeeping – proper bookkeeping will help reduce the cost of the business’s effectiveness. Work towards making profits in the business

2. Familiarize with the latest news – increase your network and work with the medical associations to be in line with the latest technology. This will help you serve and understand your customers well.

3. Speed delivery of services – if you have to offer procedures, be alert with patients who are in critical condition. Offer them services as fast as possible. Employees in your business should be very sharp and offer assistance in terms of critical condition

What you need to start a pharmacy business

a. A good location. Analyze the place you want to establish your business properly. Have an idea of what happens in hospitals and clinics. It will help you have a strong foundation in the pharmacy business. The profitability of the pharmacy business in Zimbabwe will depend on the location of that pharmacy business. Identify the market gap and fill that gap. For instance, a place like Victoria Falls and Matabeleland are areas infested with mosquitos. If your pharmacy’s mission is on malaria awareness, then location your business in those areas is a good idea.

b. Pharmacy law. To operate a pharmacy in Zimbabwe, 51% of the company should be owned by a pharmacist. If you are not a pharmacist, you need to be in partnership with a pharmacist.

c. Capital of the business. The capital of starting a pharmacy is business is quite high. It takes around $10,000 to start the pharmacy business.

d. The organization is key. Arrange the medicines into their appropriate categories. This improves medicine delivery to customers easily.

e. Licenses and business permit. Have a suitable business name for your pharmacy and have all the legal requirements. You will need to have a city council license, a pharmacist council license, and a pharmacist personal license.

f. Market your business following the Zimbabwe laws. You can ask a hospital in case they have run out of stock for the medicines they can refer their esteemed patients to your pharmacy.

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