How To Start A Gas Business In Zimbabwe

How To Start A Gas Business In Zimbabwe, Build A Lucrative Gas Station

The gas business in Zimbabwe requires attention as you deal with really critical items. It is quite profitable but also requires a lot of care when handling gas. Gas is very dangerous and is capable of causing a lot of disasters if not handled well. One requires to get permits to run the business and also save up some capital to start the business.

Steps to start a gas business

  • The first step is to register your gas company in Zimbabwe. Register the company under the private sector as it will yours.
  • Make sure you apply for a tax clearance certificate.
  • Register the company under Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority.
  • Apply for a shop license with the local council and bank account.
  • ¬†Depending on the scale you are trading in, register with the trade measures Board.
  • Register your company with the Environmental Management Agency.

Tips to start a gas station

One starts a business to help it grow and produce more profits. For any business to be successful, it requires determination and hard work. Here are some tips to help your gas business be successful in Zimbabwe;

  • Look for a location with potential customers. Starting a gas business without any potential buyers may lead to a not-so-steady source of income.
  • Advertise your business on posters, tell your friends and family and tell them to keep the word going. This will help you as your first customers will be your friends and family.
  • Study the strengths and weaknesses of other milk business owners and get to know what challenges they face.
  • Look for a company where you can purchase the gas at wholesale then sell it at retail to make even more profits.
  • Ensure your business area is always clean and that the gas is tightly sealed for the safety of the employees and consumers.
  • Hire competent employees who will help you run the business smoothly.
  • To attract even more customers, one can set up a delivery service as gas is heavy; hence it will help customers order and get items delivered to the door.

Is the gas business profitable?

Depending on where the gas business is located the potential number of customers will dictate whether the profits will be high or not.  

With huge sales, one will make a lot of money since gas is something expensive.

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