How to Start A Cleaning Business In Uganda

How to Start A Cleaning Business In Uganda, Make A Living From Cleaning

The cleaning business involves mopping, sanitizing bathrooms and toilets, emptying the dustbin, washing all the dirty clothes, carpet cleaning, and washing utensils. It is a great idea especially for those who need part-time jobs as it can be done very early in the morning or maybe late evening. Here is a guide on how to start and run a cleaning business in Uganda.

How much capital do you need to open a cleaning business?

To begin and operate a fruitful cleaning business, one has to put into account the business permits, cleaning products, the cost of equipment, labor cost, and the cost of marketing or advertising. This may require 5 million Uganda shillings.

Requirements to start a cleaning business in Uganda

1. Register your cleaning business with the local authorities in your area. This makes potential clients trust the business and also helps the business run smoothly. After registration, you will obtain a trading license from the URSB- Uganda Registration Services Bureau. When registering your business, you will be required to;

a) Search for a unique name for your boutique

b) Register the business and get a certificate of incorporation

c) Getting a taxpayer identification number

d) Acquiring a trading license

2. Rent a space or building where you will start the business and be able to run it. Look for an affordable space. A small office space that is presentable would be okay. Here you would be able to store your records and equipment.

3. Buy the necessary cleaning equipment such as brooms, gloves, carpet cleaners, and working attire to help you work efficiently.

Tips for running a lucrative cleaning business in Uganda

1. Look for a suitable location where the demand is high. Urban centers and towns are crowded with people hence may have potential customers. Make sure the places are close so that you can always make it on time to the jobs.

2. Have a business plan and know which type of cleaning business you want to start and run.

3. Research and know what other businesses in the industry go through. Get to know what the strengths and weaknesses of the business are. This will help you be able to run and operate your business.

4. Hire competent employees to help you with the cleaning business. This promotes efficiency and easy operation.

5. Market your cleaning business on social media platforms, and don’t forget to mention where you are located.

6. Buy uniforms to have a brand and to protect you when cleaning. This also brings some respect during work.

7. Once the business grows, create a website where people can easily access your service by just clicking a button.

8. Set a standard cost of the charges you will apply for the cleaning services.

Is it worth starting a cleaning business?

Starting a cleaning business is beneficial and worth your time. Apart from being beneficial, it’s also part-time; hence, it can be done a few hours before any other work. One can earn up to 55,000 per hour, which may vary depending on the location and demand.

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