How To Silence KPLC Meter

How to silence KPLC meter, Set Off Meter Alarm

Most people want to know how to silence KPLC meter but they do not know the steps to do it. Here is the guide for all Kenyans.

Are you disturbed by the alarm-like sound of the KPLC token meter? The good news is that you can silence it once and for all.

Even if the units are below 20, it will not beep again, but it will indicate red.

The introduction of the KPLC token meter came about with its advantages like no more fixed-fee payment and its challenges like if the token is below 20, you will start to receive an alarm-like sound warning.

Also, if the token has depleted in the middle of the night, the electricity will go off.

For today let me help you understand how to silence the KPLC meter and not receive the alarm-like sound, which is even embarrassing as everyone gets to hear your electricity units are below 20 units.

How to silence the token meter alarm-like sound

It is imperative if you are a prepaid KPLC customer, you have a story to tell about how annoying the meter alarm-like sound is.

The sound can even be a disturbance, and not sleep in peace.

Many people opt to disconnect the meter.

But here I’ll share how to silence it with you, and no day will make that sound again.

The method for silencing a KPLC meter differs based on the meter model.

This is because token meters come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

As a result, depending on the model, follow the steps to silence the meter.

You may be knowledgeable with your current token meter’s mute code.

However, when you move, you discover a completely different meter with a different mute code.

 The most popular meter models include hemeter, Hexing, Nirav, Conlog Intech, and Actaris.

Based on the model of your token meter, here’s how to silence the beeping sound:

How To Silence KPLC Hexing Meter

Many households use this mode ad you can silence it by pressing 812, hash (#), or press 812, then “Enter.”

Silencing Nirav meter

After confirming your meter model is “Nirav Star Instrument,” you can silence it by pressing 1037 then pressing the “Enter” button three times.

Silencing Conlog Intech

If you use this meter, then long-press (#) button to silence the alarm-like sound.

Silencing Actaris Meter

You can silence the meter under this model by long-pressing the “Enter” button.

How To Silence KPLC Inhemeter Meter

You can silence the meter under this model by Pressing 016 then hit ‘Enter” button.

Silencing Shenzen

You can silence the meter under this model by Pressing 1037 then hit the “Enter” button three times.

How To Silence KPLC Itron Meter

You can silence the meter under this model by long-pressing Enter’ button

Silencing Intech Meter

You can silence the meter under this model by Pressing 812 then the hash (#) button.

There are instances where you may try the specified procedure to silence the meter under your model, but even after trying, it will not stop.

Why not try the other models to silence them, even your model?

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