How To Register Ecobank Ussd Code In Nigeria

How To Register Ecobank Ussd Code In Nigeria, Transfer Code Registration

Do you have a problem with how to register Ecobank ussd code in Nigeria? This is a guide on how to do it, so don’t panic.

What Is The USSD Transfer Code For Ecobank Mobile Banking

The ecobank USSD transfer code is *326#. 

You can dial the short cord and make transactions on your phone.

Requirements To Register For The Ecobank USSD Code

To register for the Ecobank Nigeria transfer code, you should have the following.

1. Mobile phone for registration.

2. Account with Ecobank.

3. Registered number with Ecobank and linked to your account.

4. Debit card.

Steps To Register The Ecobank Nigeria Ussd Transfer Code On Your Phone

You can use any mobile to register for Ecobank Nigeria USSD code banking. 

Any phone can register and not necessarily the ones like iPhone.

1. Dial *326# from your mobile number registered and linked to your Ecobank Nigeria account.

2. You will be shown to choose the debit card linked to your Ecobank account. 

3. Enter your details.

4. You will be verified if you entered the correct details.

5. Click on the submit button.

6. You will be required to create a secret pin. Easily memorable enter digits.

7. Click submit, and all will be done.

8. You will receive a confirmation message shortly.

How To Sign Up For The Ussd Code At The Nearest Ecobank Branch In Nigeria

If you have not linked any mobile number to your Ecobank account, you can register for USSD code banking. 

Carry your mobile phone with you and the identification you used to register for the Ecobank account. 

Customer care will assist in registration with no fee.

How Long Does Transfer Code Registration Take

It takes around twenty (20) minutes to register for the Ecobank transfer code if you have all requirements. However, if you. 

Go to the bank for registration time will differ because there may be a long queue.

What Should I Do If I Am Unable To Register For The Ussd Code

If you got a challenge in registering your Ecobank USSD banking, visit the nearest Ecobank for help. 

At any Ecobank banking hall, there is a customer care desk to offer assistance. 

You can also contact the Ecobank Nigeria customer care center by calling +23412772904 or sending an email to

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