How To Recharge KPLC Token Meter

How To Recharge KPLC Token Meter, Recharge Your Token Meter

The prepaid meter is designed, so you have to recharge it to continue enjoying the electricity connection. If the token or units you bought last time get used up and fail to recharge, the electricity will disconnect.In this article, I’ll share how to recharge KPLC token meter to avoid being disconnected and enjoy an uninterrupted electricity connection.

The token meter is different from the postpaid meter in that you have to recharge it often the same way you recharge a mobile phone.  If you have been connected with electricity or it is your first time to recharge the token meter, you may wonder how to go about it. Worry not; you came to the right place to learn how to do it.

The process to recharge the KPLC token meter is easy. First, you have to buy the token and then load it to the token meter.

How to buy KPLC tokens

If you would like to recharge your token meter, the thing to do is buy the token the same as you have to buy airtime if you would like to recharge your mobile phone.

It is easy to buy the token. You can buy through mobile money service providers or from a Kenya Power authorized agent.  After buying the token then you proceed to load them to the token meter.

How to load KPLC token number

If this is your first time recharging a prepaid token meter, you may wonder how to load the token; however, a simple procedure.

Now that you have the token number follow these simple instructions to load your KPLC prepaid token. Kenya Power will send you a text message with your meter number and token number. KPLC generates a twenty-digit number as the token. KPLC will also show the number of units awarded for the purchase.

The majority of consumers have their meters put either inside or outside their residence. I recommend writing down the digits and then dividing them by four. You can load the tokens in this manner without becoming confused or making any mistakes. After writing the digits down then follow these steps;

  •         Open the message you receive from KPLC.
  •         Enter the digits you wrote done on your token meter
  •         Press the ‘Enter’ button

You see the meter indicates ‘accept’ if you entered the digits correctly. Also, the number of units you have recharged will be indicated, and after a few seconds, it will add these units to the ones already there. 

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