How To Pay KPLC Via Airtel Money

How To Pay KPLC Via Airtel Money, Pay KPLC The Easy Way

If you have an Airtel money account, you don’t have to look further to us and pay your KPLC bill. You can make the payment directly from your mobile phone. In this blog post, I’ll share how to pay the KPLC bill via Airtel money.

Because of its vast number of users, Airtel Kenya is the country’s second-largest telecommunications company. Cell phones have made a positive difference in our lives.

Airtel Kenya is dedicated to aiding families and communities in staying in touch by providing talk time and internet services.

Furthermore, Airtel Kenya has improved the efficiency of commercial operations. The company provides mobile money service through Airtel money, and it has assisted many Kenyans in paying their bills, such as KPLC bills, in an easy manner.

What is Airtel money?

Airtel Money is a mobile commerce service provided by Airtel in collaboration with a licensed operator registered by the Central Bank of Nigeria. It allows clients to use their mobile number as an electronic wallet.

The electronic wallet may be loaded with money and used to purchase products and services. The wallet’s cash value can also be withdrawn.

Kenya Power offers a variety of convenient payment options for your electricity payments. On the same day, all payments are credited to your power account.

Customers are highly encouraged to make postpaid and prepaid bill payments via the pay bill numbers 888888 and 888880, respectively. With the pay bill available, you can pay your KPLC bill through Airtel money without a hassle.

How to pay KPLC Postpaid bill via Airtel Money

It is straightforward to pay KPLC bills through Airtel money. Below are ste[ps to follow and make the payments.

  •         Select Airtel Money on your menu
  •         Select Make Payments
  •         Select Paybill
  •         Select KPLC BILL and enter KPLC pay bill 888888 and 888880
  •         Enter the amount in Kshs you want to pay
  •         Enter your secret Airtel Money PIN
  •         Under reference, enter your KPLC Meter number
  •         Counter check if details are ok and click ok.

After a few minutes, you’ll receive a message from Airtel money confirming the transaction.

How to pay KPLC Postpaid bill via MyAirtel App

You can also download the Airtel money App from Google Play or Apple store and then use it to make the payment. After downloading and installing the app, follow the steps to pay KPLC via the Airtel money app. 

  •         Lunch the Airtel Money App
  •         From the Airtel, Menu select Airtel Money
  •         Select Make Payments
  •         Then Paybill
  •         Choose Kenya Power Bill to pay for postpaid bill
  •         Enter the amount you wish to pay
  •         Enter your Airtel Money PIN. Type your KPLC account number
  •         Confirm that your details are correct
  •         Click ok button

After a few minutes, you’ll receive a message from Airtel money confirming the transaction.

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