How To Link FNB Account To PayPal

How To Link FNB Account To PayPal, Follow This Simple Procedure

Do you want to know how to link your FNB account to PayPal in South Africa? If you do, then read through this guide to learn.

FNB partnered with PayPal in 2010 and has made it easier to add your account.

First, you need to open a PayPal account and then register for the FNB Online Banking to join the service.

Why Link FNB Account To PayPal

You can easily pay with either a card or your PayPal balance from almost any device with just a few clicks.

PayPal is a safe and secure payment platform as it doesn’t reveal your complete financial information to recipients and other participants.

You can then withdraw cash from your PayPal to your FNB account or top-up from your FNB account to your PayPal account.

These are the reasons you should add your FNB account to PayPal in South Africa.

How To Link FNB Account To PayPal

Follow the steps below to link your FNB account to PayPal:

  1. First, visit the FNB official website and log in using your banking details
  2. Next, tap on the My Bank Accounts or Forex option
  3. Next, select the menuĀ 
  4. After that, click PayPal services
  5. On the menu displayed, select Link your PayPal Profile
  6. Follow the prompts to complete the link-up process

This is how to add an FNB account to PayPal in South Africa.

What Are The Charges

There are no charges to set up a PayPal account.

There is no monthly service fee too for this account.

You are charged between 2.4% and 3.9% fixed fees per transaction by PayPal.

FNB quotes a ZAR or USD exchange rate for every cash withdrawal or top-up you make.

With FNB, you will pay between 0.81% and 1.51% transaction fees depending on your previous month’s transactional value for top-up and withdrawal transactions.

This is the cost of linking your FNB account to PayPal.

How Long Does It Take To Reflect

When you connect your FNB to PayPal, cash withdrawal from your PayPal account will take 3 to 5 business days to reflect in your FNB account.

Cash top-up takes less than 10 minutes to reflect in your PayPal account.

This is the time taken for the transaction to reflect when you link your FNB account to PayPal.

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