How To Get POS Machine From GTBank In Nigeria

How To Get POS Machine From GTBank In Nigeria

Today’s guide will focus on how to get a POS machine from GTBank in Nigeria.

A POS machine is a portable device that allows local debit cardholders to make payments for goods and services in a retail environment.

The machine provides a convenient, modern, and efficient means of processing payment online and in real-time as value is credited to the merchant accounts within 24 hours.

Benefits Of The POS Machine From GTBank

Below are the benefits of the POS Machine from GTBank:

  • The machine improves efficiency, minimizes cash handling, and aids reconciliation of funds
  • It increases the sales as merchants have access to both cash and card-carrying customers
  • You get instant confirmation when you make payments
  • The POS machine reduces the cost of personnel and equipment for handling cash receipts
  • The machine reduces exposure to lose due to armed robbery or pilferage by employees
  • POS eliminates the inconvenience of cheque confirmation and clearing period

These are the benefits of using the POS machine from GTBank in Nigeria.

How To Get POS Machine From GTBank In Nigeria

To apply for a POS Machine from GTBank, follow the steps below:

  1. First, open a GTBank Business Current Account either online or from the bank
  2. Next, visit the customer service section of GTBank and request a POS application form and agreement form
  3. Please fill out the form and submit it to the bank’s customer care representative
  4. If your form is approved, you will be informed to collect your POS

You can also visit this link to get a POS machine, easily.

This is how to get a POS machine from GTBank in Nigeria.

How To Link Your POA With Your GTBank Account

Fill in an application form to link your account with the POS machine.

You will need the documings you need and more.ents below to link your POS to your GTBank account:

  • A valid means of identification such as a Driver’s license, National ID, International Passport, or a Voter’s card
  • Two passport photographs
  • Two current account references
  • An Evidence of business registration (CAC) Certificate
  • A Tax Identification Number (TIN)

Your account manager will then help you link your account to a POS at no cost.

This is how to link your POS machine with your GTBank account in Nigeria.

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