How To Get Fidelity Bank Token

How To Get Fidelity Bank Token, Simplest Way To Get Your Token

Are you interested to know how to get a Fidelity bank token in Nigeria? If you do, then check out this guide.

A Token is required to make transactions such as intrabank and interbank transfers, bill payments and airtime recharge, among others.

You are required to enter a Token transaction response before completing transactions.

Types Of Fidelity Bank Tokens

There is a soft token and a hard token.

A Fidelity soft token is generated through the token app on your phone.

You need to install the token app on your phone to generate this token.

On the other hand, a hard Fidelity token is an authentication code applied through the bank.

Unlike the soft token, you can use the token anytime you want as it doesn’t have an expiry period.

These are the different types of Fidelity Bank tokens in Nigeria.

How To Get Fidelity Bank Token

Download a Fidelity token app from the apple store or google play store.

After that, activate the app using your Online Banking credentials.

Please visit a Fidelity bank branch near you to get a Hand token.

Alternatively, send an email to and request a token.

The token will then be sent to your email account.

This is how to get a Fidelity token in Nigeria.

What Does It Mean When You Get An Invalid Token Response

You get this response when your token is out of sync and needs to be synchronized.

To get your token synchronized, please contact the Trueserve helpline at 070034335489 or 09087989069.

The helpline is available 24/7 for every Fidelity bank user in Nigeria.

 An invalid token response may also be a case where the token response was used after time out.

You should use the token 30 minutes after it has been generated.

It means that you get an invalid token response with a Fidelity Bank token in Nigeria.

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