How To Enter KPLC Tokens

How To Enter KPLC Tokens, Simplest Way To Load Tokens

Do you want to know how to enter KPLC tokens in Kenya? We will show you exactly that in this guide.

If it is your first time buying the KPLC tokens, it can be challenging because you are sent digits. Here I’ll enlighten you on how to enter the KPC token after you have made the purchase.

The introduction of prepaid services aimed to ease the collection of electricity bills.

If you’re a prepaid customer, you have to buy a token to continue enjoying uninterrupted services.

On the other hand, the prepaid electricity tokens enable the consumers to monitor and regulate electricity consumption.

Thus, the introduction of prepaid services benefits both the service provider and the consumer.

How to Enter KPLC tokens

Do you want to know how to load KPLC tokens to your meter?

It’s possible that this is your first time using prepaid tokens or that you haven’t memorized the technique for loading the tokens.

As a result, you require assistance. Now that you have the token number follow these simple instructions to load your KPLC prepaid token.

Kenya Power will send you a text message with your meter number and token number.

KPLC generates a twenty-digit number as the token. KPLC will also show the number of units awarded for the purchase.

If you’re experiencing difficulties with digits, the greatest thing you can do is write them down and split them.

You’ll be able to load the tokens without becoming confused or making any mistakes this way.

If you have divided the digits, here are steps to follow and successfully load KPLC tokens.

  • Enter the digits into the meter by pressing the keypads for the numbers provided.
  • After a few seconds, press ‘Enter .’ If you enter each number carefully, it should say ‘Accept,’ and your units should increase instantly.
  • The screen will first reflect the number of units of the keyed-in token.

Errors that may occur when Entering Kenya Power tokens and how to fix them

When the screen says “Reject,” it implies your token isn’t working properly, and you should contact KPLC customer service.

When the screen says “OLD,” the token has expired and is no longer valid. Prepaid tokens have a three-month expiration date from the date of purchase.

As a result, you won’t be able to use them once they’ve passed their expiration date. Within three months of purchasing your tokens, you should load them.

If “USED” appears on the screen, the token is worthless since it has been used.

If you purchased your tokens using your phone and received an SMS, make sure you typed in the token number from the most recent KPLC message.

To avoid any confusion, you can delete the messages or dispose of the token number receipt from the agent once you have successfully filled your meter.

When you type the token incorrectly, you’ll get the message “EEEEE13.” Correctly repeat the procedure.

That is how to enter KPLC tokens in Kenya.

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