How To Delete A Bereal

How To Delete A Bereal, Step-By-Step Guide

Have you made a wrong post on Bereal and want to know how to delete it? It is very simple, and in this guide, you will know how to delete a Bereal.

The Bereal app is made purposely for your users to post unfiltered photos.

However, if you ever post a photo that you think is wrong or made a mistake, there is an option where you can remove the post on Bereal.

The good news is that no matter how long the post has been on the platform, you can delete it anytime you wish.

Remember that when you remove a Bereal, your friends or followers will no longer see it on your timeline.

So in other not with much of your time, let us find out how you can delete a post.

Can A Bereal Be Deleted?

Yes, you can delete a Bereal anytime you feel you no longer need it on your timeline or you made a mistake posting it.

Remember that a deleted bereal can no longer be accessed or seen by your friends.

Requirements To Delete A Bereal

If you want to remove a Bereal, below are the things you need:

1. Bereal App

2. Your Bereal account login details

3. The post you want to delete.

How To Delete A Bereal

If you want to delete a delete, kindly follow the steps below:

1. Open the Bereal App on your phone

2. Enter your login details to sign in.

3. Search on your timeline to locate the Bereal post you want to delete.

4. Next, tap on the post to open it.

5. Click on the 3 dots at the post’s top right corner.

6. Select delete my Bereal

7. Choose the reasons you want to remove your Bereal.

8. Next, tap on Yes, I’m Sure.

9. Now tap on delete to finally delete your post.

How Long Does It Take To Delete A Bereal Post

Deleting a Bereal post is instant; once you have removed it, your Bereal will be permanently deleted from the platform.

Can My Friends Find My Deleted Bereal

No, your friends can no longer see your Bereal once it has been deleted. Also, once you have deleted a post you can not undo it.

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