How To Check KPLC Prepaid Meter Debt

How To Check KPLC Prepaid Meter Debt, Kenya Power Debt

If you use prepaid meters, this article is meant to enlighten how to check KPLC prepaid meter debt.

You will know the remaining token and start planning when to buy another token to avoid disconnection.

If you have your token connected to electricity, you can check the remaining token, but if you see as if that is incorrect, then you can opt for other options to know the remaining token.

KPLC has eased access to its services more than ever and even installed a new bill system that enables a response in real-time as far as anything related to billing.

Thus with this new system in place, you can check KPLC prepaid meter debt and get a response within minutes.

How to check KPLC prepaid meter debt via SMS

It is easy to check Kenya Power prepaid debt by sending SMS to KPLC.

The cost of sending the SMS is Ksh 5, and you can send it using any network provider. 

You’ll receive a response immediately following they have a new billing system e-bill.

The following is how to send the SMS to KPLC:

  • Open a new SMS message on your phone.
  • Enter KPLC number 95551 in the Send to box in the message field,
  • On the subject, enter your KPLC account number
  • Click send button

You’ll receive a response within minutes from KPLC detailing your KPLC prepaid meter debt.

Checking Kenya Power prepaid debt via email

The other option on how to check KPLC prepaid meter debt is to send an email to KPLC.

You will not have to wait for a response because it is computerized and supported by the new e-bill system.

The e-bill system has made it easier to access the bill services more than ever.

To check your KPLC debt of token, here are steps to follow:

  • Open email
  • Select compose a new email.
  • Enter KPLC email address in the send to box
  • In the subject field, enter the first part of your account number.
  • Send the email.

You’ll receive an automatic email response from KPLC within minutes with the debt of tokens.

How to check KPLC debt of tokens through USSD

In addition to the above options, you can equally check the tokens’ debt by dialing USSD code *977#.

After dialing the token, select the balance option, and the remaining token will be shown on the screen.

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