How To Check KPLC Okoa Stima Balance

How To Check KPLC OKOA Stima Balance, Kenya Power Guide

In this blog post, I’ll share how to check the KPLC OKOA stima balance, and you utilize your given limit fully until you have money to repay the debt.

More so, you’ll learn about OKOA stima.

If you are a Safaricom subscriber and have an active Mpesa account, you cannot stay in the dark even when the token has been used up. 

You can okoa stima not once but until you utilize the limit given.

Safaricom allows its subscribers to okoa stima any amount between 100 and 1000.

Therefore if your limit is, for instance, 500 and the last time you bought only a token value 200 out of the okoa, you still have a balance you can utilize.

What is Okoa stima

Okoa Stima is a Safaricom and KPLC program that is only accessible to Safaricom subscribers.

As you plan to pay your bills, Okoa Stima allows you to extend your electricity usage without causing a power outage.

Both prepaid and postpaid KPLC customers can use this borrowing service.

You can register up to three meters, and the tokens/bills you receive can only be used on those three meters.

Furthermore, if you are a prepaid customer, the loan amount you seek will be given to your phone as tokens, and if you are a post-paid customer, it will be used to clear the bill on your account.

The first step to accessing this loan is through registering for the service.

The registration is straightforward through dialing USSD code *885# and follow prompts.

Now let us see how to check KPLC OKOA stima balance

How to check KPLC OKOA stima balance

We assume you have registered for OKOA time, and you have at least once bought a token or paid your electricity bill using this loan.

Here, you learn how to check the remaining balance you can utilize to buy the token again or pay the electricity.

Note the limit you can borrow is 1000, but Safaricom determines the limit you can access after evaluating your credit trustworthiness.

It is also expected you repay the loan within seven days, including the deducted10% upfront fee.

  •         Now below are steps to follow and check the KPLC loan balance
  •         Using the Safaricom registered to the OKOA stima service dial *885#,
  •         From the menu, select check balance
  •         If your request is successfully sent to Safaricom, you’ll receive an SMS detailing your loan status, the outstanding amount, and the due date.

That is how to check KPLC OKOA stima balance

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