How To Check GTBank Account Balance

How To Check GTBank Account Balance In Minutes

Are you interested to learn how to check your GTBank account balance in Nigeria? If you do, then read through this short guide.

Digitization of banking enables you to check your account balance by yourself without necessarily visiting the bank branch. 

To check the GTBank account balance, you can use the GTBank mobile app, the USSD Code, and an SMS.

How To Know GTBank Account Balance Via Online And Mobile Banking

Login to GTBank internet banking with your user ID or email and password to check your account balance through internet banking.

After that, click on My Accounts and then select Balance Enquiry.

The balance of all your accounts will be displayed on your screen.

When using the GTBank mobile or GTWorld app, you first have to log in with your user ID and password.

Your account balance for your default account is displayed when you log in to the mobile app.

Swipe left or right from your home screen to view other account balances.

This is how to know your GTBank account balance through internet banking and the mobile app in Nigeria.

How To Check GTBank Account Balance

Follow the steps below to check your account balance via GTConnect:

  1. First, dial +234 8039003900 or +234 80 2900 2900 to use the GTBank IVR services
  2. Next, select 1 to be served in English
  3. After that, follow the IVR voice prompt and input your internet Banking login details when requested.
  4. After that, listen to your account balance and note it down somewhere

Standard call charges will apply when using this service.

This is how to view your GTBank balance via the GTConnect in Nigeria.

How To Use The USSD Transfer Code

You can check your account balance using the GTBank USSD Transfer code.

To use the USSD Code, please follow the steps below:

  1. First dial *737*6# on your linked mobile phone number
  2. Next, enter one who reads Account Balance
  3. Next, enter the last four digits of your GTBank debit card
  4. After that, your account balances will be displayed immediately

This is how to know the GTBank account balance via the USSD Transfer Code in Nigeria.

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