How To Calculate KPLC Units

How To Calculate KPLC Units, Understand KPLC Billing

If you are among Kenyans searching to understand how to calculate KPLC units, you have come to the right place. Here we’ll share all you need to know and understand how KPLC computes the bill every month.

If you are a postpaid customer, you receive a bill every month, but very few KPLC postpaid consumers understand how the bill is computed. In the same case to prepaid customers, very few understand how the number of tokens they receive after purchase is computed.

Worry not, though, because you have come to the right place to learn how to calculate KPLC units. Here we have detailed everything you need to know about calculating KPLC units. It is important to note at this point, several things are taken into consideration before arcing at the charges of KPLC units.

The first thing to know is KPLC has categorized its customers under different traffic. In total, there are four tariffs and each tariff KPLC unit charge is different from the other. The other factor which alters with calculating KPLC units is the government levies.

KPLC Tariffs

The first step to understanding how the KPLC bill is calculated is to understand your traffic. Below is the different KPLC traffic offered by KPLC.

  1.   Domestic Lifeline

Domestic Lifeline traffic is meant for local consumers who consume no more than 100 units each month. This category of customers is charged Ksh 10 per kWh.

  1.   Domestic Ordinary

Domestic Ordinary tariff pertains to customers that use more than 100 units per month but less than 15,000 units per month. This category of customers is charged a flat energy rate of Ksh 15.8 per kWh.

  1.       Small Commercial1

  Small commercial 1 traffic is intended for small businesses that fall into this category and use between 0 and 100 units of electricity per month. This type of customer is charged Ksh 10 per kWh for electricity.

  1. Small commercial 2

Finally, this consumption category includes small firms with more than 101 but less than 15000 units monthly. This type of customer is charged Ksh 15.6 per kWh for electricity.

In addition to your KPLC traffic, other additional factors alter the calculation of the KPLC bill, which include;

  • Fuel energy costs
  • Foreign Exchange Rate Fluctuation Adjustment (FERFA)
  • Inflation Adjustment (INFA)
  • Security Support Facility (SSF)
  • Water levy
  • Tax

After compiling the above factors, KPLC comes with a rate found on the KPLC website or Kenya Gazette. After getting the formula, you can do some calculations to know the number of units you get or the bill to expect.

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