How To Block Your GTBank ATM Card In Nigeria

How To Block Your GTBank ATM Card In Nigeria

If you are searching for how to block your GTBank ATM card in Nigeria, check out this guide!

A missing or stolen ATM card is quite problematic and often poses excellent risks as it may cause some fraudulent activities.

If you realize that your card is missing, you should immediately notify the bank and block the card.

GTBank has enabled its clients to block ATM cards from home without visiting a branch.

There are several ways to block your ATM card in Nigeria.

How To Deactivate Your GTBank ATM Card In Nigeria Via SMS

You can block our ATM card through an SMS by sending the word HOTLIST and your ACCOUNT NUMBER to 08076665555.

Ensure to send the SMS from the phone number linked to the affected bank account.

The standard SMS charges apply.

You will receive an SMS confirming that the ATM has been blocked.

This is how to block your GTBank ATM card in Nigeria via SMS.

How To Block Your GTBank ATM Card In Nigeria

The GTBank USSD Code used to block ATM cards is *737#.

Follow the steps below to block your GTBank ATM card via the USSD Code:

  1. First, dial *737*51*74# on your mobile phone, and you will be prompted to enter a phone number
  2. Next, enter the phone number used in your account registration
  3. Next, enter your 737 PIN
  4. After that, your account will be locked and restricted from any transactions, including debits and transfers.

Contact the GTB care center GT or visit any GT bank near you to unblock the ATM card.

This is how to deactivate your GTBank ATM card in Nigeria via the USSD code.

Block Your GTBank ATM Card Via Online Banking

You should enroll in online banking using your bank details to use this method.

Follow the below steps to block your ATM card through online banking:

  1. First, log in to GTBank online banking portal
  2. Next, click on the menu button and select Cards and Cheques
  3. Next, click on Card Hotlist
  4. After that, enter the correct card number
  5. After that, state the reason for the hot card listing
  6. Next, enter the answers to the preset security questions
  7. Click continue and enter your Token Code
  8. After that, click on continue to complete the process

This is all the information you need about how to block your GTBank ATM card in Nigeria.

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