How To Block Fidelity Bank ATM Card In Nigeria

How To Block Fidelity Bank ATM Card In Nigeria

Today’s guide will show you how to block Fidelity Bank ATM card in Nigeria.

  If you need to block your fidelity bank ATM card in Nigeria urgently, you don’t have to visit the bank branch to get attended to.

Fidelity Bank has introduced self-service means that you can use to block your ATM card.

You can use the Fidelity bank USSD transfer code, the mobile app, or internet banking to block your card.

How To Block Fidelity Bank ATM Card In Nigeria Via USSD Code

The Fidelity Bank USSD transfer code is *770#.

Ensure that you dial the code linked to your bank account on the mobile phone.

Follow the steps below to block your ATM card:

  1. First dial *770# on your linked phone number
  2. Next, select 1 for instant banking
  3. Next, choose 9 to move to the next slide
  4. Next, choose 8 to block the card
  5. After that, enter your Fidelity bank account number and complete the process

After that, your ATM card will be blocked immediately.

To block your ATM card, instantly dial *770*991# on your mobile phone and follow the onscreen prompts to block your card.

This is how to suspend the Fidelity Bank ATM card in Nigeria via the USSD Code.

How To Block Fidelity Bank ATM Card In Nigeria

To use the Fidelity mobile app, ensure that you have registered and activated mobile banking.

If you don’t have the app, download and install it from the Google Play store or apple store.

When you open the app, go to the Cards option and select the card you want to block.

After that, click Block Card and state why you want to block the card.

Your ATM card will then be blocked instantly.

This is how to block Fidelity Bank ATM cards in Nigeria through the mobile app.

Block Card Through Customer Support

You can contact Fidelity Bank customer care to block your card.

Contact them through the customer support line, email, or their official social media handles.

State why you want to block your ATM card and provide information identifying the card you want to block.

You need to verify your authenticity for your request to be processed.

Email the bank at or call on 01-448552.

The bank’s Twitter and the Facebook handle is @fidelitybankplc.

This is how to block Fidelity bank ATM cards through customer support in Nigeria.

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