How much is Safaricom MiFi

How much is Safaricom MiFi, Know The Actual Price Below

Read through this short article to find out the cost of purchasing and using a Safaricom MiFi in Kenya.

What is a MiFi?

A MiFi is a portable battery-powered wireless device that creates a mini broadband hotspot. 

A MiFi signal can be shared between multiple internet-enabled devices with its range, such as phones, laptops, and tablets. 

A MiFi is instrumental if you are a mobile person and do not spend most of your time at home. 

The advantage of using a MiFi to home Fibre is that a MiFi is operational even when there are power blackouts. 

What is the cost of a safaricom MiFi

Safaricom does not have a branded MiFi yet, but the network is compatible with most MiFi’s in the Kenyan market.

Examples of MiFi’s compatible to the Safaricom network include; Huawei MiFi, harvilon 4G MiFi, Adrian, and ZTE MiFi. 

MiFi prices in Kenya range between Ksh 5,000 to 10,000, depending on the brand. 

How to operate a Safaricom MiFi 

Follow the procedure below to operate your safaricom mifi.

  1. To use a safaricom MiFi you need to first charge the mifi full battery
  2. Next, you have to insert a line in your MiFi.
  3. After inserting the safaricom line, load your safaricom mifi with bundles. 
  4. Dial *544# on your phone and select buy bundles for your MiFi number 
  5. Pay using M-Pesa or airtime.  
  6. To load your safaricom MiFi with bundles, you can also visit the Safaricom website www. Safaricom/bundles and select buy bundles. 
  7. You can choose to purchase daily, weekly, or monthly data bundles according to your needs.
  8. A confirmation message of the purchased bundles will be sent to your primary safaricom line. 
  9. With confirmed bundle purchase, Switch on your MiFi
  10. Next, open the settings app on your device.
  11.  After that, select Wi-Fi and Switch it on.
  12. Search Safaricom Wi-Fi and click on it
  13. Enter the password at the back of your MiFi 
  14. Finally, connect to your Safaricom internet and enjoy the amazing browsing experience.

how to buy bundles for safaricom mifi.

You can purchase the discounted safaricom Zidisha plus data bundles for your safaricom router . The steps to buy Zidisha plus data bundles are as follows;

  1. To buy zidisha bundles for your safaricom mifi, Dial *485# on your device 
  2. After that, select Zidisha plus option.
  3. Next, Select buy bundles
  4. After that, you should enter the number in your MiFi
  5. next, select data bundles as the bundle type
  6. Next, pick the data bundles of your choice
  7. Select buy using airtime or M-Pesa if you are paying via M-Pesa
  8. After that, Confirm you want to purchase the zidisha bundles
  9. A notification SMS will be sent to you by Safaricom.

 The Zidisha plus data bundles can manage up to 30 users at the same time. 

Now that you know how to buy your zidisha bundles we will show you the amazing zidisha data plan

What is the zidisha data rate?

The zidisha data plan rate for your Safaricom is as follows:

  • 2GB at Ksh 500 valid for 30 days
  • 5GB at Ksh 1000 valid for 30 days
  • 15GB at Ksh 2000 valid for 30 days
  • 25GB at Ksh 3000 valid for 30 days
  • 60GB at Ksh 6000 valid for 45 days

This is all about the cost of purchasing and using the safaricom mifi in kenya.

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