How Much Can You Transfer Via Osko

How Much Can You Transfer Via Osko, Kindy Find Out Below

In our guide today, we will show you how much you can transfer via Osko in Australia.

The amount of money you can transfer via Osko depends on the financial institutions.

We will start by showing you how to know the amount you can send with Osko in Australia.

How To Know The Amount You Can Transfer With Osko

Your financial institution should inform you of the limits to transfer money.

In some banks, transfer and withdrawal limits only apply when you use the payID to transfer cash.

No withdrawal or transfer limit will apply when you transfer to accounts of the same financial institution.

Use a BSB and account number via the transfer payment option to avoid the Osko limits.

Contact your financial institution to confirm the Osko limits.

You can also log in to your online banking app and check the FAQs about Osko limits.

The financial institution’s websites also contain information on the transfer limit of the different banks.

This is how you know your Osko limit in Australia.

How Much Can You Transfer Via Osko

Osco payments are subject to withdrawal limits, just like other transactions.

Transaction limits are imposed by your own financial institution and not BPAY. 

If your bank account has SMS security enabled, you can transfer up to $2,500 a day.

For any transfer of money exceeding $1,000, you need an SMS security code to complete the transaction.

Without an enabled SMS security code, you can only transact $100 a time.

You can only make ten transfers a day which makes a maximum of $1,000.

Contact your financial institution if you want to transfer cash that is above the institution’s Osko limit.

This is all about the amount of money you can send via Osko in Australia.

How To Transfer Via Osko When You Have Exceeded Your Limit

On some occasions, you may find that you want to transfer money, but you have already reached your allocated transfer limit.

If you need to transfer above your set limit, you can choose to transfer your funds via the slower standard external transfer.

You can send the funds to another financial institution and then use Osko to continue with your transaction.

Alternatively, you can contact your bank for guidance. 

This is all the information you need to answer the question of how much you can transfer via Osko.

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