How Many KPLC Units For 500

How Many KPLC Units For 500, Kenya Power Unit Guide

Chances are you are here because you would like to know how many KPLC units for 500. Here we have compiled what determines the number of tokens you receive for you.

By the end of this article, you’ll have understood how KPLC calculated the number of tokens it issues, no matter the amount you use to buy the tokens.

It is imperative to understand the charges of the token can change at any time.

Thus by understanding what influences the prices is important and assist to know many token you get. 

There are two factors that determine how many KPLC units are for 500. First, your tariff, and second is when you buy the token.  

How many KPLC units for 500

KPLC offers 4 tariffs, and the charges of token per tariff differ, thus affecting how many KPLC units for 500. The following are the tariff and charges of the token.

Domestic Lifeline

  Local consumers whose monthly consumption exceeds 100 units are charged Ksh 10 per kWh in this category.

Domestic Ordinary  

If you use more than 100 units per month but less than 15,000 units per month, you will be charged flat energy prices of Ksh 15.8 per kWh.

Small Commercial1 

The small consumer 1 tariff is for small businesses that fall into this category and use between 0 and 100 units per month.

This type of customer is charged Ksh 10 per kWh for electricity.

Small Commercial2 

Lastly, this tariff applies to small businesses whose consumption is more significant than 101 but less than 15000 units per month.

The energy rate for this type of consumer gets charged at Ksh 15.6 per kWh.

In simple terms, this means that domestic consumers who use less than 100 units of electricity per month are covered by the Domestic Lifeline and are sold an energy unit at Ksh 10.

This also means that a consumer in the Domestic Lifeline category will pay Ksh 100 for 32.5 kWh. A consumer in the Ordinary Domestic category, on the other hand, will purchase 22.5 kWh for the same Ksh 100.

The time you buy the tokens

The other factor that determines how many KPLC units for 500i s when is the month you buy the tokens.

The prices of tokens differ at different times of the month.

At the start of the month 1st and 8th of the month, KPLC costs only KSh 18.80/KWHr, followed by between the 8th and 14th at KSh 22.12, the 15th and 21st at KSh 22.12, and finally between the 22nd and 31st at KSh 22.12.

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