How Is Safaricom Bonga Points Calculated

How Is Safaricom Bonga Points Calculated, Find Out Below

In this short guide, we will show you how Safaricom Bonga points are calculated.

Before we start, we need to understand what Safaricom Bonga points and how they work. 

What Is Safaricom Bonga Points

Safaricom Bonga points to a loyalty scheme for all prepay and postpay Safaricom subscribers.

Once you get registered to the scheme, you start earning your points immediately.

Bonga points are accumulated when you use your Safaricom line to call, text or browse.

How To Register For Safaricom Bonga Points

To enroll to Safaricom Bonga points, dial *126# and select the enrol option to activate your Bonga points.  

Safaricom will send you a confirmation message of your successful enrollment for Safaricom Bonga points.

You automatically earn 10 Bonga points for enrolling in Safaricom Bonga points. 

Safaricom rewards you with 30 free points when you enter your personal information when enrolling on Bonga.

To register your personal information to Bonga, you need to visit any Safaricom retail centre or the Safaricom customer care service.

How Is Safaricom Bonga Points Calculated

You earn one Bonga point when you spend Ksh 10 on calls, SMS or data.

For every Ksh 10, you spend, your Bonga points keep adding by one.

Follow the following basic steps to calculate Bonga points

  1. To calculate Safaricom Bonga points dial *126# on your handset
  2. Next, select option one who reads Lipa na Bonga points
  3. Next, select option three, which reads Bonga calculator
  4. After that, select option one which read Enter points to redeem
  5. Next, enter the Bonga points you want to calculate
  6. After that, the amount to be redeemed will be displayed.

Safaricom exchanges I Bonga point to Ksh 30 cents.

This is how the Safaricom Bonga point is calculated.

How To Redeem Safaricom Bonga Points

Safaricom postpay subscribers can only redeem SMS or minutes 

Safaricom prepays users are eligible to redeem their SMS, minutes or data bundles. 

Follow the basic steps below to redeem Safaricom Bonga points

  1. To redeem Safaricom Bonga points, dial *126#
  2. Next, select option four which reads Redeem Bonga points 
  3. Next, enter what you want to redeem either free minutes, SMS, internet or airtime
  4. Next, enter the amount you want to redeem
  5. A confirmation message will be sent to you by Safaricom.

This is the basic process followed to redeem Safaricom Bonga points.

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