How Do You Reverse A MOMO Transaction In Ghana

How Do You Reverse A MOMO Transaction In Ghana

How do you reverse a MOMO transaction in Ghana? This is a common question among many people.

In this guide, we will give you all the answers you need.

People have adapted the MTN MOMO transactions as they are faster and more secure.

When you make a wrong transaction, the service allows you to reverse the transaction to retrieve your cash.

What Is A MOMO Transaction

MTN MOMO is a secure electronic service that enables MTN mobile money wallet holders to store funds, send and receive money, make payments, and do other transactions using their mobile phones.

To use this service, ensure that the recipient has a mobile money account and that you know their mobile number.

Now that you know what a MOMO transaction is, we will show why you need to reverse a transaction.

Why You Need To Reverse A MOMO Transaction

If you entered the wrong phone number, the transaction made would not be the right one.

The name of the recipient might also be the wrong one.

You, therefore, need to verify the name of the recipient and ensure that the same name appears before proceeding with the transfer.

If you made a wrong transaction by mistake, MTN Ghana allows you to reverse the transaction.

These are reasons why you need to reverse a MOMO transaction in Ghana.

How Do You Reverse A MOMO Transaction In Ghana

Follow the steps below to reverse a MOMO transaction in Ghana:

  1. First, dial 100 and choose your preferred language
  2. Next, select option 3 which is mobile money
  3. After that, press 5 for mobile transfer reversal
  4. Next, your call will be forwarded to the MTN MOMO customer care department
  5. Once the agent joins you on the line, request for MOMO transfer reversal and provide the number to which you sent the money, including any other transaction details.
  6. After verification of the details, the recipient’s mobile money account will be frozen instantly. 
  7. Next, the mobile team will contact the recipient and notify them of the account freezing.
  8. After that, MTN carries out investigations, and if everything is valid, the money will be reversed to your account.

You can also try person-to-person reversal, where you contact the recipient and ask them to send back the money.

This is how to reverse a MOMO transaction in Ghana.

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