Ginger Farming in Ghana

Ginger Farming in Ghana, Grow Ginger To Make Money

Ginger is an herbaceous perennial, and it is in the Zingiberaceae family, which means it is in the same family with turmeric, cardamom, and galangal. Ginger is a flowering plant, and its rhizome is widely used as a spice and, to some extent, as medicine. It originated in Maritime Southeast Asia, and it is one of the first spices to have been exported from Asia. The world production of ginger is over 2.8 million tons, with the highest producer being India. Other countries that have high production rates of ginger are Nigeria, China, and Nepal. In this article, we are going to learn more about ginger farming in Ghana.

Benefits of Ginger

  • Ginger is used for making medicine 
  • Ginger helps with weight loss
  • It can be used to lower blood sugars in the body
  • Used in the treatment of chronic indigestion
  • Used to fight deadly infections

Ginger Farming

Ginger farming has been in existence for several years, and the practice involves burying the seed (rhizome) in the soil and how fast the ginger will grow depends on the size of the rhizome used for planting. There are several ginger farms in the world, and in Ghana, many of these farms are scattered all over the country. Ginger can be grown anywhere in Ghana. However, the best area is the forest regions located in the Ashanti, Volta, Central, Bono, and Eastern regions. Ginger cultivation is within a period of ten to twelve months.

What to know about ginger farming

As a venture, ginger farming requires the potential farmer to; 

  • Have a comprehensive business plan
  • Have a land purchased
  • Have startup capital

Starting your ginger farm

Before you proceed to start your farm, you must do the following;

  • Prepare the selected site for the farm
  • Decide on the number of seeds to plant
  • Prepare the seeds to plant
  • Get all necessary planting tools ready

Amount Needed to Start the Farm

The amount needed to start the farm is solely dependent on the location of the farm and the size of the farm. This is because of the variations in the prices of land. Other expenses like the amount for seed and farm tools are almost the same. If you are looking to start a ginger farm, you must have not less than GHC 4,000 as startup capital. 

Market for ginger in Ghana

Ginger is one of the hottest commodities in Ghana, and this is due to its numerous purposes in the life of the Ghanaians. As one of the hottest commodities, a ton of ginger sells at GHC 800. 

The price will vary depending on the location of the market as prices of goods in the big markets are usually high. 

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