How To Clear DStv Error Codes

How To Clear DStv Error Codes | Steps To Fix DStv Error Code

Are you a DStv subscriber, and you are having challenges fixing errors in your codes? We got you sorted as through this guide we will guide you on how to do it without trouble. 

Sometimes getting mistakes is not an indication that you have a technical error. 

In some cases, it’s just an indication that your subscription has expired.

How To Clear DStv Error Codes On Your Decoder

This is how you can clear errors on the DStv on your decoder;

– DStv self-service.


– DStv Whatsapp.

List Of DStv Error Codes And What Causes Them To Appear On Your TV Screen


This code on your screen can mean multiple things. The decoder is set in a way that it can describe any problem.

What causes the E16-0 error code

The expiry of your subscription may cause this. 

Check your DStv due date, and if it has not expired, then clear the error code.

How To Clear E16 Error Code On Your DStv Decoder Using Sefl Service

If you want to clear the errors, follow the steps down below;

1. Visit

2. Click on the drop-down list.

3. Select your country.

4. Click on login.

5. Enter your username or phone number.

6. Input your smart card number.

7. Click on login.

8. Once you are signed in, click on fix errors.

9. On my DStv app, it is fixed.

10. Select e16 and click fix.

11. Once you have finished, you will see success.

12. If you experience the error again, don’t hesitate to get in touch with customer care.

DStv E30 Error Code

The e30 error can occur on your decoder, but it’s not as complicated as the system checks subscription status.

It may take a bit longer but be patient.

What Causes E30-0 Error On Your TV Screen

This error occurs when the system is getting challenging to confirm your subscription.

This is caused by a poor connection between your decoder and the server.

How To Clear E30 Error Code On DStv Decoder Using Self Service

There are simple steps you follow to clear the e30 error. These are the steps:

1. Open a web browser Mozilla Firefox or chrome.

2. Visit their URL here

3. Click on login.

4. Enter your phone number or surname.

5. Input your smart card number.

6. Click on the login to start clearing the error.

7. Click on the fix now behind E3

8. Click on fix it.

That is simply on how to clear the e30 error.

DStv E32 Error Code

This is the same as the e30 error and appears on the screen after switching off your power. 

This happens when your subscription takes a long to be reflected.

Why Do You See E32 On Your Decoder?

These are the reasons why this error occurs:

– problems with the system confirming your subscription.

– when your account is on the due date.

– when your thoughtful card is not well inserted.

How To Fix Or Clear E32 Error Codes On Your DStv Decoder Using Self Service

1. Visit the DStv website.

2. Select your country.

3. Click on login for the error to disappear.

4. Enter either surname or phone number.

5. Input your smart card number 

6. Click on login.

7. You will receive a welcome note on the dashboard.

8. Click on the fix now in Infront of E32.

9. Click on fix it.

10. The error will disappear, and you’ll start seeing pictures again.


This error is standard across all customers. This happens when there is a failure in detecting a signal from your dish.

Why Do I Get E48-32 On My TV?

These are some causes of this error on your decoder.

– poor detection from satellites dish to the decoder. 

This can happen due to bad weather.

– There may be a cut on your cables that may cause the error.

How To Clear E48-32 Error On Your Decoder

These are the steps to follow if you need to clear the errors

1. Switch off your decoder and reboot it again.

2. Fix the cables well.

3. Check if the weather is terrible.

4. If you still got challenges, then contact the DStv installer to fix them.

This is all you need to know about the DStv errors fixing on your decoder.

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