Does Klarna Work With Chime

Does Klarna Work With Chime, Kindly Find Out Below

Does Klarna work with Chime? This is a common question among Chime users.

Klarna is a financial institution that offers buy now and pay later financing for shoppers who want an alternative to paying with credit or debit.

Klarna can help you make purchases without turning in a credit card or waiting until your paycheck gets deposited if you don’t have cash.

The idea behind Klarna is to give shoppers more time to pay for the things they buy.

How Does Klarna Work

To use Klarna, you first have to sign up for a free Klarna account.

Download the Klarna app from Google Play or App Store.

Once logged, select any of the below payment modes:

  • Pay in 4
  • Pay in 30 days
  • 6-to-36-month financing

Pay in 4 is the interest-free option that splits our purchase into four payments.

The first payment is due to checkout, and the remaining three are made bi-weekly over six weeks.

Pay in 30 days allows you to complete your purchase and pay off the balance with no interest or fees within 30 days.

6-to-36-month financing is available through Klarna’s partner, WebBank and gives you a longer payment plan.

You may, however, have to pay interest and fees to use this plan.

Does Klarna Work With Chime

No! Klarna doesn’t work with Chime. You can, therefore, not link your Chime account to Klarna.

You cannot shop to pay later with your Chime account.

However, some Chime users may be able to link the Chime Credit Builder card successfully with Klarna.

This answers the question of whether Klarna works with Chime.

How To Link Chime Credit Builder Card In Klarna

Follow the steps below to add your Chime credit builder card in Klarna:

  1. First, launch the Klarna app
  2. Next, enter your login details to access the user interface
  3. Next, go to My Klarna Setting
  4. After that, select the Payment method
  5. Next, select add card
  6. Next, select provide your Chime credit builder card details
  7. After that, follow the onscreen instruction to complete the process.

This is all you need to know about Klarna working with Chime in the US.

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